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Shirl not deterred by smell of napalm in the morning

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 34-3Earlier today, we brought you confirmation that the young man who planned to use explosive devices at Falwell's funeral was likely aiming to use them against Westboro Baptist Church. So rather than wait for Westboro's response to the matter, this writer contacted WBC's Shirley Phelps-Roper directly. Here now, her statement:

Hi Jeremy -

I was at that funeral. The only thing that seemed a little strange was the way the police were behaving. I have to say that our experience with the Lynchburg VA police has always been that they are professional and proper in all respects to everyone on the ground at our pickets. We have been to picket Falwell in the past and that is our experience. It was the same this time. Except that there were more officers and not just police, but Sheriff and Highway Patrol - all in the area. There were four protest areas. We were in an area that had a big sloping hill behind us. Every time someone tried to slip up into our area, they were quickly reacting to make them go away. It seemed that they were vigilante
[sic] unlike we have seen in this country overall in a while. I noted it, but didn't understand it. When we got to the airport several hours away from Lynchburg, we learned of the bomb business. Had we known, we would have told those officers not to worry - we serve the Living God who is not only able, but willing to deliver us from every evil work!

Don’t forget - this is not the first time that Doomed americans have gone down the bomb trail with us. They bombed us with an IED on August 20, 1995.

Another important point about the criminals - they were an ROTC "Christian" student, and a soldier from Ft. Benning, GA at least were involved. We have been telling this nation that this generation they raised are brute beasts and that is what fills the ranks of the military! They don't obey the laws of God and they don't obey the laws of man!!



Leaving us with only one real question (which we've passed along to Shirley): "Why does Westboro EVER need police protection if the Living God they serve is willing and able to deliver them from every evil work?"

We'll update with her reply.


That’s a good question.

First, we notify the police that we will be in this or that place – they decide what is going to be their roll. We don’t ever ask for “protection” – we know that those that oppose us will say just about anything – and the first people they will say it to are the police – so we began the practice of making sure that the police KNEW where we would be, when and why and what the issues were so that they had NO surprises. It has become kind of a folk lore that we get “protection”. It is truly a matter of the police doing the job that they are required by law to do – that is – KEEP THE PEACE!

On the other hand – since they are empowered by law to do that job of keeping the peace and part of that requires that they not let people exercise a hecklers veto over our message, and of course the governments of the people in this earth are established by the Lord our God – it is the very mechanism that HE put into place to do that job, we have every right to look to them to DO THEIR JOB. Remember, they took an oath – and that oath will be required of them by their God! Further, Paul notified the police and they gave him safe passage when the Christ-rejecting Jews were determined to kill him and had put a plot into place to accomplish that purpose. See that interesting story in Acts. Those stupid murderous Jews took an oath that they would fast till they killed Paul. I guess they just wasted away to nothing

One more point about all this – on more than one or 20 occasions, we have had more to fear from the police than from the opposition – and every time, and in every location, the Lord our God has delivered us! You must understand that we will be witnesses against this nation in the Day of Judgment – we will be faithful witnesses, and boy do we have evidence to give



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Your thoughts

"Had we known, we would have told those officers not to worry - we serve the Living God who is not only able, but willing to deliver us from every evil work!"

Reminds me of the story of the faithful man on the cliff edge... Story goes he slipped while admiring the view from the edge of the sliff, and managed to get a handful of grass on the way down so he didn't die, but he couldn't get back up either. In such a precarious position, he reacted the only way he knew how - by praying.

A little later a helicopter hovered overhead and threw down a rope ot him, asking him to take it and be hoisted to safety - but the faithful man refused, saying "God will save me!".

Next, a boat came as close to the rocks as it could, and offered to rig a ladder up to the man, so they could get him down that way, but his response was the same: "No, no - go on your way. God will save me.". Another boat came a little later, with much the same results.

In the evening, as the man was getting weary, a car pulled up with a couple of sightseers, who saw the man, and asked him if he needed help to get up. Again, the man replied "God will save me".

He held on to this faith right until the end, when the night chill took the strength from his fingers, and he fell to his death on the rocks below. Upon arriving in heaven, he found God, and asked him "My lord God! I have believed in you all my life! Why did you not save me?"

God answered: "I sent you a car, two boats and a helicopter. What more do you bl**dy well want?!?"

Posted by: Anon | May 24, 2007 10:39:08 PM

:-) Thanks for sharing, Anon.

Posted by: G-A-Y | May 24, 2007 11:01:38 PM

We need to tell them just how much fun they make life.

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Posted by: Bill | Jun 4, 2007 1:31:24 PM

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