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'The Tammy Baldwin Cross-Dressing Cashier Bill' was surely their second choice

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 18-9So we saw the Traditional Values Coalition mercilessly trash federal gay-centric hate crimes protections, which they referred to as a "Pro-Homosexual/Drag Queen Bill". So as they gear up to attack the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), what name are they giving that piece of legislation? Well:

"The Barney Frank She-Male Shower Bill"

That's not a joke. In a new press release, that is the actual moniker they have bestowed upon a measure that's designed to prevent employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. And in the same release, TVC's Andrea Lafferty says of the protections:

Homosexual Barney Frank’s bill will be devastating to businesses, day care centers, and even religious bookstores,”... “It will force employers with 15 or more employees to accommodate heterosexual cross-dressers, homosexual drag queens, transsexuals and even she-males – individuals who go through only half of a so-called ‘sex change’ operation.

What kind of shower facilities will have to be designed for she-males?” .... “Neither men nor women would want to shower or use restroom facilities with some confused individual with female characteristics from the waist up and male characteristics from the waist down. Businesses should have not have these mandates imposed on them by homosexual activist Barney Frank and his radical allies in Congress.

So once again we see them not just attacking gays and lesbians, who may or may not freak out all of their followers. Instead, they demonize those who do not fully fit the "pink for girls, blue for boys" social model, as they know that they can scare just a few more of their readers with threats that under this bill, innocent Christian customers' gender concepts will be thrown askew by the woman with an Adam's Apple who rings up their purchases. And they create the idea that those who are freaked out are non-debatably right to hold condemnation in their heart for those who they don't understand, never for a second considering the notion that maybe they should open their minds to the idea that not everyone who graces this planet fits the paradigm that TVC sees acceptable.

The bottom line is that no otherwise qualified individual should be able to be terminated from a job or from consideration for employment because of who they are. ENDA has an exemption for religious institutions and organizations, but even that is not good enough for the social conservatives. They want any employer who decides that their faith makes them unable to work with an LGBTIQ person to have the option of disallowing employment to that person! Once again, they want their "religious freedoms" to trump other freedoms. It is insulting to anyone who values a fair and just society where religious freedom ALSO means a freedom from religious persecution!

Look, in some instances there might need to be certain minor adjustments made (mainly in mindset) within a company that is blessed to have a transgender individual come on board. There are scores of adjustments that employers have to make when a whole slew of individuals join a company (many based on religion). But TVC wants a world in which there are no protections for a sect of the population that realistically exists. They want to give bosses the carte blanche to boot, just as long as those pink slips or given to men who are, well, wearing a pink slip.

It is mean-spirited. It is wrong. It is cruel. It is unethical. It in un-American. It is bad for business.

As more an more Americans wise up to the facts (as polls show they are doing), we will surely see TVC pull out more and more baseless, unfair attacks in which they demonize and scapegoat in increasingly disturbing ways. So stay tuned, kids. The "Christopher Shays Is Trying To Blow Up Society Act" is surely in the pipe.

She-Male Shower Bill To Be Debated In Congress [TVC]

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Your thoughts

I don't think the Traditional Values Coalition could any better make themselves look like histerical bigoted fools than they have with the issues of Hate Crimes Protection and this Employment Non-Discrimination Act. What sane American isn't going to look at their title and do anything but fall over laughing? They're taking up where Jerry Falwell left off and marginalizing themselves in such a way that they might garner us support, rather than contempt.

Because their flimsy arguments are starting to tear, they are beginning to grasp at any straw(man)and their desperation shows.

Posted by: ptboat | May 18, 2007 10:21:27 AM

in response the the question posed by Ms. Lafferty, I'd like to say...

I would have to hesitations sharing a locker room, bathroom, or shower area with an intersexed, transexual, to transitioning person.

And I can name a good number of others who feel the same way. Geesh.

Posted by: | May 18, 2007 4:04:33 PM

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