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Video: 'Today' gets gay today

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 1-75For those of you who watch the "Today" show, you know that the LGBT community is oftentimes as absent as the hair on Lauer's head. Not that the show seems homophobic in any way, it's just that the gays sometimes seem like a non-priority in Studio 1-A.

If they do a segment on male attraction -- it's always completely hetero-centric.

They do a piece on grooming habits -- it tends to be completely from the straight male perspective, with the debate centering on whether it's "acceptable" for a man to pluck and moisturize.

Subjects like "chick flicks" -- many generalizations tend to be made about masculine/feminine "norms."

Well, we're happy to report that Couric's former stopping grounds today did a piece on adoption that was promisingly gay-inclusive:

These are the sorts of images and stories we need the American media bringing to the nation's living rooms (or breakfast tables, as it were). And we are an audience that "Today" really should talk to on a much more frequent basis.

So bravo, Vieira & Co., for today's bone. We're totally available for some cooking segments, should you be interested.

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