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Another Star gets a 'View'ing

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 25-3Well, when "The View" looks to go in another direction during their post-Rosie days, they REALLY look in another direction. Today on Babs Walters' coffee klatch, ultra-conservative Star Parker will sit in with the daytime ladies as a guest host:

Picture 24-3

So why is this of interest to gays? Well, let's look at some Star Parker quotes, shall we?

"Growth in black lesbianism is generally the product of a culture where families already have been destroyed. These aren't pioneers venturing out of an intact family that has given them a good life, to discover a new "lifestyle." The injustice and discrimination they feel is to never have had the opportunity to grow up in an intact family and to understand what it means to have a man in your life who is responsible and from whom you can receive love and respect."

"...the consequences of legalizing homosexual marriage (via the court system) will be disastrous to the American public in general, and to the African-American community in particular."

"The civil rights movement reached deeply into our nation’s soul, where society had to think hard about clarifying the principles of our corporate social conduct. The homosexual rights movement turns the civil rights movement on its head. Dr. King appealed to religious truths to make his point; homosexual activists are attempting to re-write these truths."

"In her new book, Mary Chaney (sic) confidently relegates a few thousand years of religious tradition regarding the nature of marriage to an historic footnote and curiosity. According to her, legal formalization of this traditional arrangement would abrogate freedom and be discriminatory."

"It’s hard to figure out whether Mary Chaney (sic) is simpleminded or just disingenuous. This debate is not about relationships between consenting adults but about the exchange of one source of authority for our laws and values for another. Will it be the Bible or Mary Cheney’s youthful passions and impulses?"

"Once the authority for defining marriage moves from biblical tradition to politics, marriage will be defined by whatever might be deemed so by a court or that can be passed into law. Legalization of gay marriage opens the door to every imaginable possibility."

"The homosexual movement is but a new chapter being written by liberal elitists who brokered the displacement of tradition and personal responsibility with disastrous welfare state policies. Blacks paid dearly and still are paying."

"Gay agenda means less freedom for all"

Basically, this one makes Hasselbeck look like Janeane Garofalo and George Soros' love child! Guest Michael Moore is bound to get sicko all over the set-o!

But hey, it should be some good TV, so be sure to tune in to ABC this morning.

Week of June 18th, 2007 [ABC]

***NOTE: The "Cheney" misspellings from above were not repurposed in every outlet wherein Ms. Parker's column ran. However, the above quote comes from the official website of Ms. Parker's CURE organization, wherein Cheney is, in fact, spelled with an "a".

**UPDATE: A taste of Star:

**UPDATE2: A taste of Babs' awkward chemistry with Star:

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Your thoughts

Wow, talk about going from one extreme to another. I liked Rosie because she did offer a good counter to Elizabeth, who, despiter her inability to find a coherent argument with two hands and a flashlight, was the ultra-conservative voice on the show. Unfortunately, Rosie had a bad habit of killing her own argument by letting Elizabeth get under her skin. Rosie often had very legitimate points (some wacky ones too, lol), but they were overshadowed by the obvious problem she had with Elizabeth.

That said...ummmm...I'm not sure I get the choice of Star Parker at all. It was clear that Babs was extremely uncomfortable, if not perturbed by Star, so I have a feeling that this won't last long...we'll see.

Posted by: Kristen | Jun 20, 2007 10:09:23 AM

Star came across to me as a trifle odd in her beliefs. It looks like she's practicing 'double-think' - knowing that what she's saying is complete baloney, and at the same time sincerely believing it anyway.

At least, that's what her body language said to me.

Especially in the point where she was talking about Evolution. Something along the lines of "I can't believe in Evolution, because it doesn't mesh with a biblical world-view" (I'm not going to go back through the clip to get an exact quote).

What does that sound like to the rest of you? To me, it sounds like she's smart enough to know that evolution happens - and yet she's not allowed to 'believe' it happens, because that conflicts with the book she has decided is 100% truth.

Sometimes it amuses me to see people believing dumb things. But sometimes it just strikes me as a waste of good intelligence.

Believing any single work to be 100% inerrant is a massive intellectual misstep. You accept a book only for so long as the ideas contained inside it continue to assist in understanding the world. After it ends its usefulness in that manner, it becomes history; nothing more.

Posted by: agnostic | Jun 20, 2007 5:11:49 PM

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