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MR photo album: Pictures worth 1,000 castigating words

by Jeremy Hooper

So the almost unbelievably gay-unfriendly folks at MassResistance have posted some photos from yesterday's FANTASTIC MARRIAGE VICTORY in the Bay State. We have chosen to highlight two of them.


Picture 4-62

So this man's sign says, "All you need is love -- Just two guys and a dog." Now, clearly he is someone whose household consists of two mean and a canine. We're assuming the dog in the photo is said canine. As both dog and gay lovers, we find the sign incredibly sweet. However, MassResistance spins it like so:

Picture 5-59

Oh yes, because anything that exists in our households -- we want to f**k it! Didn't you hear? We are simply unable to keep our perverted hands off of anything that is within ten feet of us.

It's just gross! Their obsession with various paraphilias (and attempts to link them to homosexuality) is simply unreal!


Picture 6-65

And not only is this picture and caption featured on their photo page, but it is also the one they are now highlighting on their website's front page! Is this a sign of their true colors coming through? Are finally going to have an organized opposition who admits that they are truly the radical and militant ones in this debate?

Well you know what? We hope so! After all, while the Russian protesters featured in the photo might think that radical condemnations are going to help the anti-gay cause here in the U.S., we are more than confident that once the veil of false compassion is lifted, more and more of our citizens are going to see that the "pro-family" crowd is really not fighting the nice, clean, moral, virtuous, non-discriminatory fight that they like to claim they are waging! MassResistance already looks extremist to most who are paying attention. If they and their more mainstream allies really plan to go and up their aggressive ante, they might as well just hand us gays our marriage certificates now!

MR is sure to have more to say about the situation as the day goes on, so we'll bring you any pertinent updates as the day progresses. That is unless we get so sexually enamored with the mouse and keyboard in our immediate vicinity, that we decide to have a three-way with them instead.

Hundreds demonstrate at State House during Constitutional Convention on Marriage Amendment. [MR]

**ALSO: On the MassResistance blog, they (presumably Amy Contrada) lash out against the proponents of the gay marriage ban, VoteOnMarriage and the Massachusetts Family Institute. A sample:

VoteOnMarriage's campaign failed because the debate was boiled down to "letting the people vote" and ensuring "children have both a mother and a father." But it left out the important truth about homosexual "marriage": It's based on immoral and unhealthy sexual perversions. Morality and public health needed to be part of the debate.
VoteOnMarriage depleted our side's energy and financial resources in pursuit of a terribly flawed amendment. We've warned about their failing strategy ("Be polite! Dialogue with the other side!") and compromised amendment wording for two years now. We said: "Don't feed the bears! They'll just come back for more and more. They'll smell your weakness. And they'll eat you alive." But VoteOnMarriage said they had a good relationship with MassEquality. They spoke to the homosexual newspaper Bay Windows. They controlled what people said in their demonstrations, including their signs. It was a top-down movement, no real grassroots sentiments allowed. Time and again, as we walked through the VoteOnMarriage demonstrators, we would hear individuals corrected if they stepped out of line, said something "inappropriate" or with a little too much emotion.
When leaders fail to achieve their goal, they should be fired. VoteOnMarriage and the Massachusetts Family Institute have been discredited, they have failed the faithful pro-family people of Massachusetts. So we say to them: Don't ask for another penny, another drop of our blood and sweat

Go ahead and eat your own, MR. We'll keep eating wedding cake.

**UPDATE: Oh, and if you think MassResistance is fringe and does not have the ear and supporty of the other "pro-family" groups -- well the American Family Association's One News Now site is today quoting MR's Brian Camnker, crediting him a merely a "pro-family" activist.

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Yes, do eat your own. Stop being polite. Never dialogue with the other side. Show them what you really think!

Posted by: williehewes | Jun 15, 2007 10:10:28 AM

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