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Video: Charlene the 'Club' diva

by Jeremy Hooper

Yesterday we delved into the world of "former homosexual" Charlene Cothran and posted a lengthy response to her newly adopted "ex-gay" ideas. But since we live in a visual world, we now want to show you her "700 Club" appearance (airing today nationwide):

As suspected, the written piece that we refuted was basically a transcript of the above interview, so we really have nothing more to say about Charlene's claims. However, we do want to say a few words about Pat Robertson's closing thoughts, as they are BEYOND disgusting. He doesn't even begin to discuss the nature of sexual orientation or even convey accurate and fair Biblical teaching on the subject, but rather he just blindly commands that gays are broken, detached from Jesus, and in need of prayer. He is not only misconstruing science and reality, but also putting words into Jesus' mouth (something we can't imagine such a misunderstood, misrepresented figure would appreciate).

Dare we say Robertson is bearing false witness? Yea, we will unapologetically say that, as folks like Mr. Robertson have operated wth pulled-from-the-fanny logic for far too long! Just like Ms. Cothran has nothing other than her newfound celibacy to justify her claims that she has been "redeemed" or "changed," Pat Robertson has no real basis to parlay Cothran's story into some sort of proof that one can cure "the gay" with a hearty dose of prayer. After all, all Ms. Cothran has really done is STOP HAVING SEX OF ANY SORT. If Mr. Robertson wants to testify that folks can readily deny themselves of their biological attractions in order to appease their faith views, we will not protest. We may find it silly, but we won't deny that one has this ability (with or without Jesus' assistance). However, when that God-fearing abstention is presented as true "change" and millions of viewers are sent such a horrid, damaging message about gay people, we have no choice but to speak out. Loudly. Our non-demonic, non-immoral lives are simply too important to us!

*EARLIER: Charlene: From gay club to other 'Club' [G-A-Y]

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Your thoughts

Thanks so much for posting this! Its hard to believe that Charlene is bashing gays with Pat Robertson after her career was largely built on a gay publication. I don't know what happen to make her go that way, but I don't forgive her for trashing gays and proclaiming that her missions is to lead us from homosexuality.

Posted by: Bloggernista | Jun 21, 2007 2:40:44 PM

I don't think Pat's closing comments are so bad, although he is very arrogant. But there is truth to what he says. Accepting Jesus means accepting ourselves, all of ourselves. That's the peace in our hearts and the blessing of God that's available to us - to love ourselves wholely and fully, and that's available to us at any time regardless of our past actions and sins. I just hope the Rev. Robertson is able to do the same as well, as then he might be able to love his fellow man instead of preaching to him. Just to clarify, when I talk about loving ourselves fully, I mean accepting our same sex attractions as a gift from God, not denying them.

Posted by: BuddhaBoy | Jun 22, 2007 8:43:38 AM

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