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Careful before staking 'claims' on science, Les

by Jeremy Hooper

In regards to Courage, a Catholic group that tries to lead gays to lead celibate lives, the Baltimore Sun recently said this:

The group is different, however, from those such as Exodus International, an interdemoninational Christian organization that claims to convert gays to heterosexuality.

Pretty straightforward, right? The Sun is simply saying that unlike Exodus' claims of "change," the Courage group merely tries to get Catholic gays to deal with their attractions and live "chaste lives." Regardless of your ideology or views on the subject, there is really nothing controversial about this statement.

 Good As You Images  Good As You Images Picture-1-125Well, leave it to the extremely gay-unfriendly Les Kinsolving to find controversy where none exists. In a new commentary for WorldNetDaily, Les says of the above statement:

Note that wording: "claims to convert."

Does the Baltimore Sun have any evidence that no homosexual who ever affiliated with Exodus has ever been able to really experience a change in sexual orientation?

If not, why do they call Exodus an organization that only "claims"? Should any Baltimore hospital where anyone has ever died be described as an institution that "claims to cure"?

::sigh:: Intellectual dishonesty, thy name is "pro-family" columnist! Because you see, reasoned friends, while there are surely some people who have gone through programs like Exodus and left feeling they have adjusted their behaviors, there are scores who have come out with nothing more than a feeling that they wasted both their time and their money. And considering that the sort of change that these groups peddle is unsupported by any medical science, no responsible media outlet of any political viewpoint or ideology can, in good conscience, say that Exodus (or any "ex-gay" group) emphatically "cures" gays!

Sure, medical hospitals sometimes lose patients. But that is simply life. No cure or treatment option has a 100% success rate. However, the doctors at Baltimore hospitals are working out of a medical playbook that has been put together through years of experimentation, research, study, and scientific learning. The Exodus "cure" dates back only to the 1970's, with its highly unsupported methodology backed merely by evangelical faith views! The difference is quite clear.

The thing is, even though we think 100% that there is a strong biological component to homosexuality, we completely understand why a media outlet has to present such a line of thought as only a claim at this point. Things that are not irrefutably proven to be true must be presented as theories, estimations, or claims! Yet in their quest for credibility, the "ex-gay" movement and its proponents are getting bolder and bolder in the way they try and present their movement as if it is based in fact. Most of them staunchly attack the idea of a gay gene, yet they present their "gay-B-gone" like the jury is no longer out. And while they surely think that such militancy helps their cause, it would seem that by employing such bold maneuvers, they are only helping our side to highlight just how disconnected from the body of learned knowledge their movement truly is. When presented as just a possibility for some, it's easy to look at the "ex-gay" movement as simply an option that some people of faith choose to try out. However, when presented as fact, it becomes a conspicuous affirmation than many gays and ex-"ex-gays" will feel compelled to refute. If they feel their movement can hold up to the increased scrutiny that will come with this solicitation of scientific scrutiny, then more power to them. This is certainly one fact-based fight we are not afraid to see fleshed out for the public at large.

Oh yea, and Les also says lots of other preposterous things in his commentary (including presenting things like bestiality and pedophilia as "sexual orientations"), so click the link below if you feel a need to shake your head in disbelief. While you're doing that, this writer is going to go try and pray away his headache by using an ancient Indian tribal chant. I read that someone in New Delhi is peddling this prayer as a cure for all pain, so using Mr. Kinsolving's logic, that puts it on equal footing with Tylenol.

Is love for sodomy 'God-given'? [WND]

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He forgot to mention that all the other major (heretical) religions agree with him on the issue of homosexuality.

Posted by: Emproph | Jul 31, 2007 8:34:23 AM

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