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Glatze's glossy will stay true to self

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 26-8Well, Michael Glatze may have "left" his homosexuality, but the magazine that he co-founded will happily continue to embrace its own creation. On the website for Young Gay America magazine, this message has been posted:

Young Gay America and the associated YGA Magazine were founded by Michael Glatze and Benjie Nycum to promote community, information, and empowerment by gay youth. This current website is not connected with the founders or original staff of YGA, though the current owners of this domain share Glatze and Nycum's original vision to educate and empower gay youth, and provide resources for positive change among the youth of gay america. YGA Mag will be back, well funded and stronger than ever, before long.

Recently, Glatze has rejected his own homosexuality and embraced the view that he was never homosexual in the first place, that he was corrupted by lust, and that through accepting God, he realized he could be healed. While we respect everyone's right to freedom of choice, we believe that the message communicated by Glatze could be extremely harmful and confusing to youth in America and elsewhere who are struggling to come to grips with their own feelings and confusion.

We believe that, particularly in view of Glatze's recent interviews acknowledging his own struggle, and the inherent conflict between homosexuality and most Christian belief systems, it's important to continue to communicate honest and (as much as possible) unbiased information about gay sexuality, the current scientific thinking, and societal views to gay youth. In coming weeks, you'll be able to read more about our views (backed up by research and study), but in short:

* Nearly all reputable scientists acknowledge that sexual preference is "hard wired" before birth.
* Changing one's sexual preference is very rarely, if ever successful in the long term.
* American Psychological Association guidelines do not consider it ethical to attempt to "convert" someone from gay to straight.
* One can be emotionally healthy, happy, and sustain long-term, high quality same-sex relationships
* Being young and gay does NOT require one to "buy into" any of the negative gay stereotypes (porn, drugs, excessive partying.)

So mazel tov, YGA, for not subscribing to the periodical "re-branding" attempts being launched by those who think of themselves as Editor-in-Chief of Gay Reality magazine. Here's hoping that after exploring a few issues, Mr. Glatze will realize that his new friends' own cover stories are better suited for the pages of Mad than those of Scientific American.

We'll be back message [YGA]

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Your thoughts

What!? I met Michael and Benji a couple times between 2001 - 2002 (they even slept over my house!) and I can't believe Michael is doing this. I am really speechless.

Posted by: Bobby | Jul 6, 2007 8:00:43 PM

Maybe Michael was never really gay but bisexual? Many guys who identify themselves as gays later becomes attracted to a woman. Others become born-again-Christians and decide to live in celibacy. These are not necessarily ex gays! What I however do not understand is why these guys have to become turncoats and become anti-gay.

Posted by: Jacob | Jul 16, 2007 9:05:42 AM

Jacob: That's the thing -- it has absolutely nothing to do with one's fluid sexuality. There are scores of bisexuals who have gone from one gender to the other, and even some who gave homosexuality the "old college try" and found it was not actually their cup of tea (so to speak). The issue is the soci-politc-religo activities of the "ex-gays," where they (a) identify as what they "once were," not what they "currently are," and (b) proceed to demonize gays mercilessly. Virtually no gay activist is protesting one's right to live as they wish (even if we think the idea of "change" or a "gay cure" is ridiculous).

Posted by: G-A-Y | Jul 16, 2007 9:19:08 AM

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