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Listen to your wife, Johnny boy!

by Jeremy Hooper

 Good As You Images Picture-9-41During a speech in Sacramento over the weekend, Elizabeth Edwards once again tested the gay-friendly waters to see if they'd be safe for John to swim in voiced her full support for same-sex marriage.

Although this gay man is now questioning his own support for the concept, as he's beginning to think he'd much rather spend a lifetime (or even 8 years) with Elizabeth than with John!

Elizabeth Edwards reiterates support for gay marriage [AP via EDGE Boston]

**Correction: Edwards' weekend speech was actually in San Francisco (for HRC). Her reiteration of marriage support was offered to the Sacramento Bee in an interview. Bottom line: She said some very gay-friendly things this weekend in Cali!

**UPDATE, 7/24: Video of the San Francisco speech:

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Your thoughts

Though she might have also spoken in Sacramento, the photo illustrates her appearance in San Francisco Saturday night at the Human Rights Champagne fund Vacuum Money er dinner. And the quoted article from the moth-eaten AP misrepresents her husband by implying that she disagrees with him about more than marriage, "has staked out an independent position on GAY RIGHTS." Emphasis mine.

In addition to John Edwards having been the first of the top three Dem candidates to condemn Gen. Pace's defense of DADT and demonization of gays as "immoral," my most recent look at his official campaign Website reveals that, while the three essentially share the same positions, support for gay rights has a much louder "voice" among his press releases and cyber campaign headquarters:

NATIONAL LGBT LEADERS ENDORSE JOHN EDWARDS FOR PRESIDENT. Pull quote: “I am honored to have the support of so many well-respected LGBT leaders,” said Edwards. “They work hard every day to make our country a better place and I am proud to join with them to fight for equal rights for all Americans.”

EDWARDS STATEMENT ON THE MILITARY’S ‘DON’T ASK, DON’T TELL’ POLICY. Pull quote: “It is long past time to end the military’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy and to allow openly gay men and women to serve in the military.”

JOHN EDWARDS STATEMENT ON NEW HAMPSHIRE’S RECOGNITION OF CIVIL UNIONS. Pull quote: “New Hampshire’s decision to recognize civil unions and grant gay and lesbian couples the same rights granted to heterosexual married couples is an important step in the fight for justice.”

EDWARDS STATEMENT ON SURGEON GENERAL NOMINEE. Pull quote: “Dr. James Holsinger’s anti-gay writings and beliefs suggest that he will undermine, not advance, the cause of equality and fairness in health care.”

For the record, on Hillary's site:

CLINTON CAMPAIGN ANNOUNCES LAUNCH OF LGBT AMERICANS FOR HILLARY STEERING COMMITTEE. Pull quote: “I am proud to have the support of such distinguished leaders in the LGBT community,” said Clinton. “Together, we can move our nation closer to the promise of fairness and equality that all Americans deserve.”

STATEMENT FROM HILLARY CLINTON ON GAY & LESBIAN PRIDE MONTH. Pull quote: “For six long years, the Bush Administration has only seen the families that matter to them. It’s been a government of the few, by the few, and for the few. And no community has been more invisible to this administration than the LGBT community.”

Though I know that Barack Obama has mentioned gays in various contexts, I could find no similar press releases on Obama’s site regarding gay equality. There were several gay grassroot support groups listed, and gay rights references in the supporter blogs, but we are apparently not important enough to be included elsewhere in the official home of his campaign.

Nevertheless, any of these three are better for America on their worst day than any Repug candidate on his best day.

Posted by: Leland | Jul 16, 2007 2:12:23 PM

Luv ya to pieces. Would have your babies. But, please, PLEASE don't call California "Cali" or San Francisco "Frisco."

Many thanks.

Posted by: Michael | Jul 16, 2007 2:57:28 PM

Geez, Michael. It wasn't like a choice with much thought behind it, nor is it a regular practice. It was an almost unconscious act of shorthand. Lol..of all the things to ruffle feathers :-)

Posted by: G-A-Y | Jul 16, 2007 3:12:46 PM

:- )

Posted by: Michael | Jul 16, 2007 3:31:28 PM

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