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Not listening to 'Today's oral can lead to odd visuals

by Jeremy Hooper

So every morning while preparing breakfast and lunches for my family, this writer watches "The Today Show" out of the corner of my eye. A visual person by nature, I usually only half-listen to what's coming from the other room's speakers, waiting for something to stimulate my optic nerve before I direct focus away from my omelette prep and onto the "Vieria/Lauer Variety Hour(s)."

Well, this morning, bagel in hand and focus at half-mast, this image took my distracted self directly from, "Hmm..do we want grapefruit or carrot juice this morn?" to "WHAT THE HOLY HELL?!":


Sort of a sucky image for a network show, right?

But don't go and think that "Today," in their quest for ratings dominance, has gone from morn' show to porn show. After running in the other room, I realized that the story was about food-eating contests, and after rewinding, I saw that the full image was a little more clear:

Click to view full image of man being fed a hot dog

But hey, the misunderstanding was fun while it lasted.

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Your thoughts

What, only a carrot?

Posted by: Franc | Jul 5, 2007 9:10:09 PM

Watch out, you might have stumbled across a subtle brainwashing scheme by the liberal media to indoctrinate children to tolerate dangerous homosexual acts. You could run with is, it only took a gruffly voice to turn the ugly stepsister of Shrek III into a transsexual desensitizing of children plot.

Posted by: Patrick B | Jul 6, 2007 12:19:32 AM

It's still pornographic, man. Yeesh.

Posted by: williehewes | Jul 6, 2007 4:30:53 AM

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