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Photos: Even the bluest states have some ultra-red blood

by Jeremy Hooper

Want to see the face of Massachusett's gay marriage antipathy? Well here are some images posted by the folks at MassResistance, wherein citizens are seen protesting Rep. Angelo Puppolo (D-Springfied) for changing his position in the state legislature's recent marriage vote:

Sign 08Sign 06
Line Up2-1Sign 01
Sign 10

Non-representation start(s) wars? Well, good thing you are represented by the leaders that were put into office by popular vote. As Rep. Puppolo has revealed, after he took office, he was contacted by loads of constituents who asked him to reconsider his anti-gay marriage stance. Upon reasoned consideration of those constituents' views, he realized that the marriage ban would truly harm decent, tax-paying couples, so he chose to vote against sending a marriage amendment to popular vote. But the beauty part of America is that he can't keep himself from being put up to popular vote. And if you don't enjoy the way the freshman rep. has handled his duties, you are allowed, nay, compelled to weigh in your opinion in the next election!

Oh, and please, please, please don't start a war. We already have one unjust one; we do not need another.

In a democracy, people vote? Well again -- you did (hopefully) vote either for or against the aforementioned representatives. And you used the democratic process to get the proposed marriage amendment to the lawmakers in the first place. But at that point in the process, it becomes their job to explore, debate, and weigh in on the situation. They did; the unprincipled, public-harming measure was killed. We all have the democratic power to place ideas and concepts in the hands of our lawmakers via the petition process. But that does not guarantee that they will make it to referendum, as we do not operate in a system run by uniformed mobs.

Stop hatred against people of faith? Gee, we must have missed the part where gays were trying to ban Christian-Christian marriage or to prevent Evangelicals from preaching anti-gay beliefs. And we must've missed all of the classmates who were being called "Jesus Freaks" while we were busy being called "f*ggots."

Children deserve better than [House Speaker Sal] DiMasi & gang? Gay children deserve better than being told that their happy, tax-paying couplings will not be honored in the same manner as their heterosexual peers. They deserve the same shake at happiness as everyone else.

38 States Outlawed Homosexual Marriage -- Wake Up, MA?
You know what? Why don't we instead go wake up our "ma," so she can tell us again about the anti-miscegenation laws that held popular support during her youth!

And finally, take a look at this photo:

Sign 07

Can anybody tell what it says at the bottom? Clearly something has been altered, either by MassResistance in editing (it looks possibly blurred in Photoshop) or by the sign holder on site:

Picture 11-38

Either way, something has obviously been change. But why? What is the "nice team" trying hide? If anyone was on site or has more insight, please be in touch.

The full set of photos can be found over at MassResistance:

Fighting back: Dozens demonstrate outside restaurant as traitorous Rep. Angelo Puppolo is honored by pro-homosexual legislators & activists. [MR]

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Your thoughts

I'd take them more seriously if they were thin and beautiful.

What? Someone had to say it.

Seriously though -- and I know this has been said a billion times -- we are a plutocracy NOT a democracy. Jeez! Only those with the most money get what they want. Why can't we use all that disposable income we have and buy marriage for everyone?

Okay, really for serious? It's time for people to pay attention to their own lives and stop nosing into everyone else's. Can money buy that?

Posted by: Howard | Jul 6, 2007 2:36:58 PM

Looks to me like they blurred out a phone number. (I think I can make out a digit or two on the right.)

Posted by: Jim | Jul 7, 2007 1:57:24 PM

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