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Video: 'No spin,' except for the whole 'gays and kids don't mix' spin!

by Jeremy Hooper

Bill O'Reilly is simply unbelievable. Here is his piece from last night regarding a recent gay pride event held by the San Diego Padres:

Some thoughts:


- There were "over the top behaviors in the stands" Yea? What were those, Bill? In the clip package you show, there are a few clips of gay couples kissing, which you have chosen to show over and over again. Had there been a camera on every single couple at PETCO Park, there would surely be a "fair and balanced" number of straight couple also knocking each other a peck throughout the night!

- No, it's not "just common sense" to not put the gay pride night with a hat giveaway for children. The two events do not run contrary to one another, unless you feel that gay couples are inappropriate for child consumption. And if you think that way, then you are hostile to gays, and therefore MOST in need of being exposed to LGBT normalcy!!

- Disney did not "ignite" gay events. The fact that gay people exist "ignited" these events!

- The Padres were not being "insensitive" or "dumb" unless, again, you find gays being accepted as part of the spectrum of normalcy to be both. Fair-minded people do not.

- "Clear-thinking people" is not the opposing group to "secular progressives"!


- Oh, Sandy Rios. Your claims that gay is a "choice" or "preference" or "decision," or that we are trying to recruit children, are ones that are tired, baseless, and unworthy of address.

- Social engineering, Bill? Yea, you really think this is what this is? Funny, we thought the social structure was "engineered" by a force much greater than the San Diego Padres or the pride event organizers! Would it be "social engineering" for any other group to hold an event? We can't imagine that it would.

- SANDY RIOS' "gays die 10-20 years earlier" CLAIMS ARE COMPLETELY BUNK! They are from a flawed study by junk scientist Paul Cameron. CALL THESE PEOPLE OUT ON THEIR BULLSH*T, MAINSTREAM MEDIA!!!!!!!!!!

- Calling people "dumb"? Wow. Bill O'Reilly: Raising political discourse to its intellectual heights!

O'Reilly TPM Gays and Kids at the ballpark [YouTube]
O'Reilly on Gays and kids at the same ball game [YouTube]

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Your thoughts

If Bill and this lady had their way, gays wouldn't be allowed anywhere.

I went to a Yankees game not too long ago and a hetero couple was sitting 3 rows in front of us heavily making out. THe crowd started to cheer, we all laughed. There were little kids there. The guy started to go up her shirt and then it stopped. No one was crying "MY EYES MY EYES! THE EYES OF MY CHILDREN".

How insulting to gay and lesbian couples who brought their kids, siblings, nieces, nephewes, etc to the game. Do these people think gays/lesbians don't have families?

UGH, whatever, this coming from the same man who gets his jimmies off by preaching "our viewers are so much smarter than the stone slackers who watch Jon Stewart." Which, incidentally, is a blatant lie.

Posted by: Stef | Jul 12, 2007 11:56:30 AM

I'm sure you meant "...hat [not hate] giveaway for children."

With their hatefulness in mind, I can see why you made this blunder.

BTW I discovered if I click on Utube instead of the play arrow, the download opens in a new window, so your refreshing the page doesn't matter. Bill

Posted by: Bill Ware | Jul 12, 2007 12:08:01 PM

Oops! Thanks, Bill.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Jul 12, 2007 12:10:56 PM

even sports blogs are having fun with this:

Posted by: Luis | Jul 12, 2007 12:43:01 PM

This is why I stopped watching O'Reilly about 5 years ago, well that and he's to big of a pompous ass. What "making out" is he referring to? In the video I saw some gay couples give each other a quick kiss, nothing more. Were they "making out", I could see the objection regardless of whether we were speaking of hetero or homo couples. Yet if the fact that two people of the same gender dare to express affection to each other bothers him, TFB. Stay indoors because O'Reilly, Rios, et al do not have the right to set a standard on others they themselves will not hold to.

Posted by: John | Jul 12, 2007 2:28:25 PM

This is exactly why I do not even bother to watch any segment about gay issues on shows like O'Reilly. Firstly because there will usually be some wingnut bigot on there who spouts off at the mouth with bullshit "statistics" and "facts" about the "homosexual lifestyle." And secondly, time and time again they bring on someone from a gay rights group to represent the gay side of the debate, who can hardly open up his or her damn mouth to challenge the absolute NONSENSE coming from these people! And of course its on purpose.

I've seen it on Hannity, Tucker, O'Reilly. They make sure they find the most docile, non-threatening person who will sit there and just laugh it off or ignore the most offensive things being said by the anti-gay guest or the HOST. Listen to this jackass using phrases like "Putting a cluster of homosexuals in close proximity to children." Jesus Christ, does no one see what's going on there? And what does this guy say? NOTHING.

This insane woman talks about gays making a choice for their lifestyle. He says NOTHING. She brings out the often used line of the anti-gay crowd about comparing homosexuality with SMOKING. He says NOTHING. Didn't even demand to know where her little "10-20 years" tidbit came from. My head would have exploded.

The jackass and this woman basically are trying to say to the audience that us gay people are just walking pornography. And our very existence is obscene. Basically, this woman in particular would not be happy until every gay person hid their sexuality. That's what this whole segment was about. "More of them are coming out younger and COMING OUT now? Is that what we want?" Yes, these are the words of a bigot. The language is clear.

I'm sure Ron Deharte is a nice guy, but he should never do another one of these segments again. And there are a bunch of people like him who get put on these little gay-hating debates who just cannot challenge these people. Pisses me off.

Posted by: Brian | Jul 13, 2007 11:48:25 AM

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