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Video: Substitute 'Black' or "Christian' for 'gay' victim and ask if they'd still be making light of this!

by Jeremy Hooper

Wanna see something that's really quite sick? Well, go watch this ridiculously glib video that was released today by the folks at Focus on the Family:

Because yes, that's exactly what bias-motivated crimes are likened to in the mind of a gay individual in rural America -- a man who is fed up with the fast food drive-thru or a bad driver who can't read road signs. It's not that the stakes for us are having the shit beaten out of us or worse, oh no. Instead, it's just a mild situation that deserves to be made fun of by those WHOSE VERY WORDS AND ACTIONS KEEP ANTi-GAY BIAS ALIVE AND (UN)WELL!! Right? Isn't making light of brutality the "moral" thing to do?!

::sigh:: I swear to God, this is beyond disgusting! And I seriously mean it -- if it is their God that leads them to think making light of ACTUAL BIAS-MOTIVATED BRUTALITY is kosher, then this writer will swear right in that God's face. For despite my love of levity and my appreciation for humorous takes on serious situations, my creator most certainly did not give me a mind that would ever be so flippant in regards to actual human lives!!

FOF: We realize you have no legs to stand on in regards to this legislation, and are likely in dire need of new ways to confuse your followers. Some things, however, are just not suitable for parody:

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Really-Hacked-Off Crimes [FOF]
**Note: Transcript of video posted after the jump
(Thanks, Patrick/Emproph)

Hi I’m Stuart Shepard, this is Stoplight.

So-called hate crimes legislation would add extra penalties if someone is convicted of a crime that is "motivated by prejudice based on the actual or perceived... sexual orientation (or) gender identity... of the victim."

But ya know what, I don’t think that goes far enough, liberals are missing a terrific opportunity here. Why stop at just hate crimes? Congress really needs to pass something for "Just Really Hacked Off Crimes."

This is the guy who has actual or perceived thoughts about the driver who sees this sign [gestures to highway merge sign] and thinks it means drive really really fast and then cut in at the last minute, making all the other drivers stomp their brakes.

Or how about "Mildly Peeved Crimes?"

This is the guy who has actual or perceived thoughts about the guy in the drive through who seems to have problems understanding the nuances of "no onions."

And what I think is the most dangerous one of all: "Totally Ambivalent Crimes"

This is the guy who doesn’t have any actual or perceived thoughts about you at all, he just wants to punch you in the nose.

Ok, you get the idea. Judges have enough work to do just figuring out who did what to whom, without having to figure out what "who" was thinking when they did "what" to "whom."

If we’re going to have equal justice for all, it needs to be based on what "who" did. Which shines the light on a simple truth; hate crimes legislation is not really about hate or crime. What it’s really about is getting the federal government to grant civil rights status to a particular behavior. Which is the off-ramp that leads to the end of marriage and family.

[Ending jab, standing again in front of merge sign on highway]

Hey, a little red sports car—cuttin’ in front of a semi—talkin’ on her cell phone...[End]

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Your thoughts

Those fundies sure are all getting their panties in a wad over the addition of these categories in the same legislation which protects their sorry butts. . .I wonder why?

Posted by: Kevin | Jul 17, 2007 12:32:47 AM

Sick? Yes, but not much worse than a lot of the other stuff they put out there. Why didn't they mention that they're protected under hate crime legislation?

Posted by: Mike in the Tundra | Jul 17, 2007 8:20:45 AM

Hate crimes law is useless. We already have 14th amendment.

Posted by: sammy | Nov 25, 2007 10:16:21 PM

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