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Ironically, he's probably 'pro-life'

by Jeremy Hooper

Watch this video on the subject of John Edwards, then we'll get back to you (language and volume level NSFW):

So this is just another in a long list of examples of YouTube nuttiness, ya say? Well, yes. However, when you look at the profile of the man featured in the video...

Picture 6-76

...the nuttiness starts looking less like that of the "lovable eccentric" variety, and more like that of the "Holy shit, please tell me this dude lives nowhere near my house" category. I mean, he could be a gay fan of the band "The Killers," or someone who means to imply that to kill a queer is to "err" (therefore accounting for the additional "r"). However, somehow this life-loving queer's mind is not appeased by either possibility.

If you are also a wee bit uncomfy with someone who seems to wish to perform homicidal acts against homos, then perhaps you'll want to head over to his profile and let him know how you feel, or to report the existence of his profile to YouTube staffers. After all, don't we have enough problems on YouTube with those who predict we'll end up in hell to not want to deal with those who'd like to send us there?

edwards sucks cock [YouTube]

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