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Kevin McCullough offends both our truth and our 'manhood'

by Jeremy Hooper

 Good As You Images  Good As You Images  McculloughWe want to take a second and draw your attention to something that is beyond offensive. First the back story:

You might remember that yesterday we wrote a piece in response to Kevin McCullough, wherein we stated the case that the conservative writer/radio personality was (among other things) misappropriating particular comments about a particular subset of bisexual women, so that they seemed representative of every les/bi/gay person's sexual "choice." Well, since we made that initial post, we have had many email back and forths with Mr. McCullough which are in many ways more telling than his initial column. And, we have posted each and every one of those emails for all to see. After all, we believe in transparency.

Well, here comes the absolutely enraging part. Today, Kevin went on his radio show and lashed out against us (listen towards the 3/4 mark). That part we can handle. What we can't handle, however? THE FACT THAT HE COMPLETELY MISREPRESENTED WHAT WE ACTUALLY SAID TO HIM!!!

Here is how he presented our exchanges for all of his listeners to consume:

"Well then, another blogger, I won't call him angry, I will say that he's homosexual, began to engage me in an email dialogue this morning back and forth, and posting all of the things that we've said on his web pages back and forth. Again, the same critical conflict occurred. "Kevin, you're not hearing us, we're telling you that bisexuality is a third orientation. All the doctors say so.' Friends, I just gotta ask the question, am I missing something here? He also says that because I say that it's check match, or check mate, game over, game set match on the debate, that this is the conclusive proof that its the debate, that therefore I'm being aggressive or taunting or what have you. In other words, these gay men aren't even man enough to engage in a debate in a manly fashion. 'Oh, you're being too aggressive. You believe in what you believe too strongly. You're using words that are too harsh.' Well, I apologize if not giving in to the feminization of my gender offends you. But I can't be concerned with an offense such as that. I am a man. I make strong points. God gives me the insight, wisdom, and determination to do that, and he's given me the conviction at this point to not step away from the line. So does that in some way then invalidate the substance of what I'm talking about?"

Only problem? NONE OF THESE "QUOTES" ARE ACTUALLY WHAT THIS WRITER SAID TO KEVIN!!!!! And as for his "aggressive" tone, I did not AT ALL give him the impression that I found it too hyper-masculine or in some way intimidating! I said that such a tone was counter-productive to high-minded debate!

But you know what? Don't take my word for it. You can go read every last word of the exchanges (should you have the desire), where you can see what was actually said and make up your own mind. Again, the exchanges can be found at the bottom of this post:

If your straw man's gone missing, search Kevin McCullough's brain [G-A-Y]

Kevin, it may be easier just to try and make the gay man who you've never met look like a feminine little flower who's intimated by your masculinity. However, this writer has had the balls to put it all out there for the world to consume, rather than to cherry-pick that which he feels most easily challengeable. Trust me, lady, I can take whatever you care to dish. But when I dish it back, I'd sincerely appreciate it if you'd "man up" and present my words in the way that they fell from my own masculine mouth (or fingers, as it were)!

The unfair audio from Kevin's radio show can be heard here:

Kevin McCullough's Radio Program (our comments come towards the end) [WMCA]

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Sad you call yourself a Christian.

Posted by: Franc | Aug 21, 2007 10:09:28 PM

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