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Also, Mr. Bauer, we heard Dobson call you a poopy face -- FIGHT! FIGHT!

by Jeremy Hooper

Dissension in the far-right, rabidly anti-gay ranks. Is there anything better?

Picture 15-28Responding to a private email sent around by James Dobson in which the Focus on the Family president said he's not supporting Fred Thompson in the GOP primary, fellow social conservative Gary Bauer (pic.) is now calling the tactic unhelpful and counterproductive to the anti-gay, anti-choice crowd. Bauer tells One News Now:

"[Thompson's] obviously against same-sex marriage. He doesn't support quite the same constitutional amendment that some of the other's of us do, but he's been talking with us about it, and has been moving closer and closer on the amendment,"... "So I hope that we can, as a movement, be very wise about this, and not savage candidates that we may very well have to support in 2008 if they're running against Hillary Clinton."

Okay, so our first thought: The word "others" as used in the situation above should not be written with the possessive apostrophe. But errors in punctuation aside, we also want to say to both Bauer and Dobson: Dudes, you guys are never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever going to get a federal marriage amendment. That flawed ship has sailed a few times, and as wretched legislative cow dung is not as buoyant as some believe, the ship has sunk like a lead brick every single time! You kids had your moment in the sun, with an administration that was willing to listen to ever sort of "faith-based" initiative that crossed your church-state-marrying mind. But just like the vast majority of that administration's work, this pandering to the unjust, un-American, non-freedom-loving, discriminatory, cruel, indecent, inhumane efforts of the "pro-family" crowd will be remembered as a huge historical misstep. As more and more people are becoming aware of the truth behind the "pro-family" movement (thanks in large part to that crowd's own foot-shooting efforts), they are starting to see the dirtiness of the far-right's political games. We saw the beginning of the turning tide in 2006; we will continue to see the same in 2008.

Fred Thompson may end up supporting a constitutional amendment. He may end up telling the far-right liability crowd to shove off and go support Brownback. But the fact that the numero uno reason why Bauer and Dobson are at odds and making news involves ONE GROUP'S RIGHT TO LEGALLY-RECOGNIZED MONOGAMY speaks volumes about why the "pro-family" "pro-marriage" "pro-values" crowd is none of those things. And it also shows why their agenda and misplaced priorities deserve little to no credence in modern, church-separated, civil governance!

Bauer disappointed by Dobson memo 'savaging' Fred Thompson [ONN]


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