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Toeing the line of homophobia

by Jeremy Hooper

We have, on occasion, used "toe-tapper" to describe Sen. Larry Craig, since that is the primary action of which the GOP lawmaker was accused of doing in that airport bathroom stall. But is "toe-tapper" an acceptable description for a gay man who has simply posted pics on a gay meetup site? Well, the NY Post seems to think so. Conde Nast Portfolio's Jeff Bercovici, however, begs to differ:

Mixed Media [Conde Nast Portfolio]

And we do tend to agree that it is completely unacceptable to in any way connect the Craig situation to gay men in general. However, we also must admit that we find the entire situation that led the Post to even use the term -- a gay blogger choosing to post profile pics of another gay men and turn them into some sort of salacious news story -- to also be a bit out-of-line. So really, when it comes to whether or not certain ManHunt pics are that of openly-gay journalist Thomas Roberts, whether or not the Post's Page Six column was right to both take that story further, and whether or not the Post writers were right to use a questionable term in its reporting in the name of topicality and humor, we say: What about ANY PART of this whole situation IS right?!

**The NY Post story in question: NEW SEX MESS JOLTS 'INSIDER' [NY Post]

*8*UPDATE: Japhy Grant has made a video giving his thoughts on the blogger's decision to post the photos in the first place:

***UPDATE 2: GLAAD Reacts to NY Post's Slur [Portfolio]

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