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Wherein an 80's film scene becomes forever tainted

by Jeremy Hooper

It's no secret that Mr. "Buelller...Bueller...Bueller" himself, Ben Stein, is a conservative. And there have even been times when Stein has rubbed the gay community the wrong way for suggesting things like all gay men are interest in young boys. However, we've never thought of Mr. Stein in the same far-right, gay-unfriendly vane as Alan Sears, Harry Jackson, Gary Bauer, Chuck Colson, and James Dobson. So imagine our dismay to learn that Mr. Stein is, along with those other names, one of the confirmed speakers for the Family Research Council's annual gay hatefest, a.k.a., "The Values Voters Summit":

Picture 14-32

Lest ye forget, this is the same event where last year, Bishop Wellington Boone said some of the most inflammatory words about gays in recent memory; Mike Huckabee and Marilyn Musgrave both took strong and ridiculous anti-gay marriage stands; Ann Coulter was her usual charming self; and there seemed to have been even more anti-gay talk than at the last Phelps family dinner. Anyone who was truly on our side of the so-called "culture war" would run screaming in the other direction. Mr. Stein, however, is seeing which homophobe wants to "Win Ben Stein's Friendship." Very sad.

::sigh:: And to think we once bought Clear Eyes drops simply based on Ben's endorsement. Who knew his political pushes would someday bring water to our eyes without outside help?

Value Voters Summit [FRC]

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