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AFA sends a 'WTF?' to MSM

by Jeremy Hooper

MsmSo you might have heard that the religious right is pissed at the mainstream media, because they feel that news outlets deliberately chose not to cover the recent Folsom Street Fair event so as to protect the "gay agenda." But, of course, reasoned people know that (a) some local outlets did cover the festival, (b) many national outlets covered the ad controversy leading up to the festival, (c) S&M events of any kind are never typically given wide coverage by the mainstream press for obvious reasons, and (d) the religious right is causing a stink about the "lack of coverage" because they want desperately to give the event as much coverage as possible, as they think doing so will link it to and discredit both homosexuality and liberalism. So mostly we have ignored the "pro-family" movements desperate attempts to garner press.

However, the American Family Association has put out a new press release that really makes us take pause. In it, they recite the same sorts of lines as the other groups. But it's really this passage that made us take great pause (highlighting our own):

My purpose in writing is to let you know that not a single Big Media outlet reported the event. Can you imagine another event, of any kind, which draws 400,000 people not getting a single minute or a single mention from Big Media? Let Fred Phelps, who complains about homosexuals, show up somewhere and Big Media is all over him.

But let 400,000 people celebrate getting sexual kicks from inflicting physical pain on another person and Big Media can’t be found.

We respond to the AFA:

Uhm, Fred Phelps "complains about homosexuals"? That's really how you view him AFA? We're talking about the same man who, along with his progeny, calls gays "fags" and blames every single natural disaster, tragedy, war, and hang nail on gays and society's acceptance of them? You seriously are presenting him as if he is merely lodging a complaint against us? And you are seriously questioning why the media has seen it fit to cover a man and family who protest the funeral of every soldier slain in Iraq, a practice that made them the impetus for federal legislation? You seriously don't understand why the media might deem that uber-condemnatory national situation slightly more newsworthy than a bunch of BDSM enthusiasts gathering to celebrate their shared interests?

Well gee, AFA. It's no wonder then that you fail to see how the media's coverage of Folsom was entirely adequate. After all, if you consider this to be a "complaint"...

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...then you're ability to judge the appropriateness of words and assessments is clearly out of whack.

Big Media Ignores San Francisco Homosexual Event [AFA Action Alert uploaded to our own server]

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Your thoughts

I saw some photos linked to by TMS. The TMS commenters were working themselves up into a huge moral outrage about all the children at the festival who has been exposed and corrupted to so many exposed genitals. It seems none of those commenters had bothered to even check the photos - I did, and saw not a single child, or even a residence from which one might have been peeking. It appears that one of them made the claim that there were children at the event, and the others just repeated it without checking.

Posted by: Suricou Raven | Oct 9, 2007 6:18:30 PM

If it was in the news, they'd accuse the media of promoting the "gay agenda" by covering it.

Posted by: DCN | Oct 9, 2007 6:35:10 PM

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