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Barney takes step out of 'T-less' doghouse

by Jeremy Hooper

BfrankBarney Frank may be the one who's been catching the most sh*t for removing gender identity protections from ENDA. Now, however, the openly gay Rep. is urging members of Congress to vote in favor of Rep. Tammy Baldwin's proposed amendment, which would put the "T" back in the now-LGB-protecting measure:

Barney Frank: Amend ENDA [Bloggernista]

Frank insists that he'll be on the floor pushing for the amendment, and that it's the better strategy for ensuring that (a) we'll hopefully get an inclusive ENDA passed, but (b) will get at least some version of the bill through if not the full enchilada. We'll have to wait and (c) if this does anything to heal the rift; though frankly -- we can't imagine that any step that's willing to throw the (t) under the (b-u-s) is going to restore happiness in this little LGBT kingdom.

**RELATED: Is the prez likely to sign ENDA if it passes? Peter LaBarbera fears he might be.

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