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Beaver stater discriminators take a licking

by Jeremy Hooper

OrmuntzThe Oregon 'mo foes who were trying to overturn the state's recently passed domestic partnership law failed yesterday to turn in enough signatures to place the legislature-initatied measure on the November 2008 ballot for a popular vote:

Law for domestic partners stands in Oregon [AP via Seattle Times]

Yet never ones to seize an opportunity to save their reputation from the crushing intolerance that could overshadow any of their other good deeds, the gay rights opponents have indicated that they'll now try and collect 82,000 signatures before July 2008, in an effort to completely repeal both the DP law and another measure that bans discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

Open-minded? Not so much. Persistent? You betcha!

No word on when these kids will take a f***ing hint and sign on to the sort of mentality that accepts gays as part of the spectrum of humanity. However, we imagine it will not be until they find themselves in Hell on a pair of ice skates sometime around the 12th of Never, trying to collect a signature from a flying pig.

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Your thoughts

I clicked on the link in the article to confirm, and there it was... 82,000 signatures to repeal the laws outright?? In a state of 3.7 million people, how is that possible? That's only 0.2% of the state population! I understand having a low threshhold to get something on the ballot in some states, but this is crazy...

Posted by: Phil | Oct 10, 2007 12:58:48 AM

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