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BREAKING, EXCLUSIVE: 'WorldNet' cares little about actuality

by Jeremy Hooper

So say you are a far-right socially conservative new outlet and you want to make a recently passed piece of legislation that's meant to protect gays from discrimination look like it's an attack on heterosexuality. What better way could you accomplish your fallacious goal than to write a story purporting that the new measure will ban "mom" and "dad" from the classroom? Well, if you're WorldNetDaily, you will fill the entire front page of your site with unwarranted attacks on gays and their "hetero-hating, sex-crazed agenda":

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Because, of course, with every gay rights measure that they wish to combat, the "pro-family" teams has to have a flawed talking point that they can pass off to their followers. With this California situation, equating measures that work to make public school life a little easier for LGBT kids with an attack on dear old mom and dad is the smack they're pushing. And like with any rumor, the best way to make it catch on is to stay on message and repeat it as often as possible. So don't look for these kids to present the bill's actual text. Don't look for an acknowledgments of the facts. Look only for a twisted game of telephone in which the truth has dissolved into the message most convenient to keeping gay bias alive and (un)well!

WorldNetDaily, you should be nothing short of proud. For thanks to your efforts, the California moms and dads who live on a plane of reality other than our own now know that the gays are out for blood.

WorldNetDaily front page [WND]

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