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'Christian' posts anti-gay words into Barack's mouth

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 7-73In a piece regarding Barack Obama's usage of faith while on the campaign trail, Michelle Vu over at Christian Post today makes this very flawed assertion about Mr. O's views on gays (highlighting our own):

Despite Obama’s increased “God talk,” many conservative Christians are still hesitant to embrace him. Difference on key conservative issues such as abortion and gay “marriages” has blocked Obama from being a serious candidate for many conservative voters.

Obama, although saying he personally does not support homosexuality, has refused to support a constitutional amendment banning homosexual “marriage.” Also, although Obama personally opposes abortion, he refuses to support overturning Roe v. Wade.

Uhm, Barack Obama has said that "he personally does not support homosexuality"? Wow, that's a shocker! In fact, we're sure even the candidate himself would be surprised to hear it, mainly because it's a steaming load of bullsh*t. While it's true that he's not a personal practitioner of the homo-sex, that he doesn't personally give gays funds to keep their lives afloat, and that he's not fully there (at least publicly) on how we should recognize gay unions, we're pretty sure that he's in full support of the idea of gay people. And in many ways, such as on issues like church condemnation of gay people, he has been better on sticking up for the gays than any of his Dem peers!

It's actually quite funny to see how Christian Post spun the above text. They make it seem as if Barack's no fan of gays on a personal level so that they can juxtapose that supposed antipathy with his non-support of a marriage ban. However, the false conceit shows how much these kids really don't get it. For it's not that Barack Obama has merely "refused to support a constitutional amendment" banning gay marriage; it's that he's never even considered the thought, as he recognizes that the very idea strikes against the principles of both America and humanity! So essentially, his non-suppoort of the marriage ban is actually a testament to his positive feelings for gay existences, and not a scenario that can be contrasted with his views on homosexuality!

Look, we've been vocal about wishing Mr. Obama would come around for full marriage equality, and we will continue to seek the same for as long as he's in the spotlight. However, it's quite clear that he, like most educated and reasoned individuals, fully accepts, supports, and respects the fact that gay people dance on this Earth. We just wish Christian Post wasn't so blinded by gay condemnation to see how ridiculous it is to even suggest that someone like Mr. Obama could not "support homosexuality." We are not, after all, a theory!

Obama Breaks 'God Talk' Tradition [Christian Post]

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Posted by: RiptsteetakeF | Apr 17, 2008 12:41:17 PM

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