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Do Ask, Do Tell @ Yale

by Jeremy Hooper

YalebushFor the first year in recent memory, Yale Law School was yesterday forced to either allow the military to attend their employer interview program or lose federal funds (due to a recent appelate court ruling that was itself based on a March '06 Supreme Court ruling). And feeling that such an allowance violates their school's non-discriminaion policy since the military openly discriminates against gay folks, around 40 students gathered to protest the armed forces presence:

Speaking Out In Silence [Hartford Courant]

::sigh:: Won't it be nice when we can look around at events like this and say, "Oh. The army's here. That's cool. It is, after all, a viable career option," rather than, "Oh. The army's here. That's uncool. It is, after all, a career option that is legally allowed to discriminate against my tax-paying, war-fudning existence simply because I happen to be a homosexual."? But until a de-headening operation is performed on the ass of America's leadership and perfectly capable applicants are not being told that their 'moness is a threat to unit cohesiveness and national security, then our sentiments are going to have to remain rebellious.

So good job, those Yalies who took time out of your day to stand up for basic principles. We've been to college. We know you had plenty of beer to drink tests to study for, beer to drink reports to write, beer to drink research to conduct, and beer to drink liquor to consume. It's nice to see you were able to squeeze a bit of righteous indignation into your busy days!

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