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'Do you prefer bendy or straight?' would be more useful straw poll

by Jeremy Hooper

So remember that Values Voters Summit thing that we covered this past weekend? Well, we already showed you that in the presidential straw poll for that event, Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee came in in the top spots (with Romney winning the overall polling and Huckabee the on-site only voting). However, another set of results from that same straw poll have just come to our attention. And ladies and gentledudes, they are quite eye-opening/ disturbing/ batsh*t nuts!

The results, as presented by the Family Research Council:

Picture 6-89

Okay, so abortion is the top issue for the "values voters"? Well, that's no surprise. Same-sex marriage is number two? That's annoying, but again, it's in no way shocking coming from this crowd. What is shocking, however, is what is LEFT OFF this list of priorities! In case you've forgotten, there is a little bit of a war going on. There is our foundering international reputation. There is an increasingly more undeniable climate crisis. There is unemployment. There is a volatile housing market. There is health care. There is an unstable economy. There is that really bad "Caveman" show still on the air. There is the crisis in Darfur. Hell, there is even what we thought was one of their key issues: immigration reform. But do any of these make the list? No. They lose their place to such pressing global issues as whether or not a non-theocratic, church-separated nation should be displaying the ten commandments on government buildings!

Dear Lord. Seriously, we mean it . Dear Lord, please knock some sense into your flock!

Honestly, these "values voters" are no longer even trying to live Biblically, but rather some politically-created, rhetoric-fueled, talking point-laden version of 1950's American religiosity. The Bible, what with its compassion and concern for the world and its inhabitants, doesn't seem nearly as important to them as that which is culled from the Ronald Reagan/Strom Thurmond/Phyllis Schlafly/Jerry Falwell/James Dobson book of modern faith-based politics. But despite their disconnection with truly humane principles, the majority of us still buy into the "values voter" myth. It's like that rule of rumors: You tell it long enough, and it'll start to become accepted as fact. We now have a generation of young and youngish adults who never really knew a world in which the so-called "moral majority" was not a political force. And we've all watched as they've hijacked what it means to be a person of faith, spirituality, and values in the American political landscape. They've been calling themselves the moral authorities for so long, many of us have started to casually accept the descriptor as if its the gospel.

We must stop surrendering our right to righteousness. What we need are people from both sides of the aisle who will stand up and tell this out-of-touch group that they do not hold ownership to morality. Now, what we'll surely continue to get from our politicians (D and R) are folks who will pander to this crowd's misplaced notions of decency, a catering that fosters a culture indecency for many of the rest of us (gays at the top of that list). Which is why we, the good and decent citizens of the world who are tired of being presented as if we live on a moral pedestal lesser than that of John Q. Conservative, must demand that our voices be heard. There comes a point when we have to rise up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and show that not all viewpoints are deserving of equal credence! If you think your personal Christianity should be used to govern this nation -- then you are out of step with democracy! If you think two tax-paying citizens should be denied basic fairness (using those same faith-based reasons) -- then you are hurting this nation by fostering discrimination! And if you think the above list contains the key issues that Americans should have most on their minds when going to the polls in 2008 -- then when you hear that many of our international friends often wonder what the hell happened to America, just look in the mirror for a reason why that is!

Straw Poll on the Issues [FRC Blog]

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Your thoughts

So they want tax cuts and additional permanent tax relief for "their" families, but they still want the US to fund a war and build a fence?

I agree that they have lost site of the bigger picture here. What good will it be when we can no longer pay of this country's debt and find ourselves embroiled in additional long term wars we can not extricate ourselves from? Maybe they don't care because they believe jebus will come and save them...

Posted by: Todd | Oct 24, 2007 6:36:36 PM

Thank You! I don't think there's anything else I could add to your well written points!

Posted by: Alonzo | Oct 24, 2007 7:16:42 PM

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