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Forget Chelsea: Rudy boards far right gravy train

by Jeremy Hooper

A few weeks back, we told you how disappointed we were to see that 80's icon Ben Stein was planning to speak at the Family Research Council's annual gay hatefest, the Values Voters Summit. And we still are disappointed in Mr. Stein. However, now comes word that another conservative who we thought would have more dignity than to pander to this anti-gay crew is also planning on appearing at the event. And this appearance has much larger social implications that just tainted memories of the "Buelller...Bueller...Bueller" scene:

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 Photos Uncategorized 2007 05 09 Giuliani In DragYes, my friends, Rudy Giuliani, the onetime New York moderate who keeps sliding further and further to the right and further and further away from pro-gay, is going to wave his hat at an event where basing gay equality is as popular a sport as is giving an HJ to Ronald Reagan's legacy. And he'll be rubbing shoulders with such LGBT demonizers as Alan Sears, Harry Jackson, Gary Bauer, Chuck Colson, and James Dobson.

A principled fighter and reasoned mind would offer a polite decline. A politician who's desperate to please a base that doesn't really want him, however -- pander and meander.

It's sad, really, Rudy. You may have once cleaned up Times Square. However, for many of us, the lady's of 42nd Street circa 1982 were far less of a threat than the guys and gals who bastardize the definition of family circa 2007. Just like you replaced the members of the oldest profession with members from the House of Mouse, you could have replaced your "Yes, I'll attend" response with a reply along the lines of: "As one who believes all citizens are to be respected in ways that the organizers and bulk of attendees have not demonstrated towards the LGBT community, I will not be attending." But you didn't.

::sigh:: Now we know how Dora, the hooker with the heart of gold, must have felt all those years ago.

Giuliani Now Confirmed for Value Voters Event [CBN News]

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Your thoughts

So Disappointing - If I still voted Republican - He would have gotten my vote!

Posted by: Alonzo | Oct 9, 2007 2:16:57 AM

I wonder how Rudy will explain this to the gay couple that he lived with some years back when he was divorcing his second wife and preparing to marry his third?

Posted by: Bloggernista | Oct 9, 2007 7:59:20 AM

Personally in California the liberal Republicans should of gotten a protest candidate to take some delegates away. Since Rudy is trying to fake it to make it. THEN I may have to vote for Duncan Hunter as a protest vote. He's not gonna win many votes anyways, but a protest vote is a protest vote. I like most of Duncan Hunter's views, but he sucks hard on equality issues.

Just like how in February 2004, Bush endorsed the Federal Marriage Amendment. I basically ended up sitting out the election.

Posted by: Matt Munson | Oct 9, 2007 12:54:35 PM

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