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If Hillary's smart, she's stocking up on Pride flags

by Jeremy Hooper

AndyWell it looks like "former homosexual" and current gay rights opponent Donnie McClurkin is staying on the Obama campaign's weekend gospel tour in South Carolina. However, in an obvious bid to quiet gay criticism, Barack & Co. have added openly gay pastor Andy Sidden (pic.) to the bill:

Gay Minister Joins Obama Concert in SC [AP via Google]

So basically they've added a pro gay yin to McClurkin's gay-hostile yang. And that's supposed to make gays rest easy? Uhm, sorry B.O, but that just leads us to fear that if prez, you'll think it's completely principled to sign off on a congressionally-passed federal marriage amendment, just as long as you also appoint a lesbian Cabinet member as a "make good." What we need to see in a potential leader is someone who will battle bias by looking it in the eye and unapologetically denounce the society-weakening views!

Barack: We're not sure if this whole situation is your own doing, or if one or a few misguided staffers have made some misguided boo boos. But either way, it's not a situation that is going to be remedied by putting a band-aid on a gaping wound.

**ALSO: HRC's Joe Solmonese has released this statement on the matter, in which he thanks the campaign for including Sidden, but criticizes the continued inclusion of McClurkin.

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Your thoughts

First of all, I guess “strongly urging” to have Donnie dropped didn’t work. I think it was a bias request because it says gays want to be accepted for their belief (OK to be gay), but don’t want others to be accepted despite their beliefs (Not OK to be gay).

I also think challenging African-American religious leaders is misleading. Gays ONLY challenge the Christian religion, because Muslims and Jews don’t accept them PERIOD. You would think that gays would appreciate Christianity for embracing them when the others don’t. Not going to happen though. You give a person an inch, you know the rest.

People will have to be legally blind to believe that a person’s skin color can be compared to two people of the same gender having sex. Do you see how stupid that sounds? Oh, and FYI, what is even more stupid, it’s always compared to black skin, no other color. The trick is this—It’s like being black, why we would want the controversy? Good question.

When it comes to God, he doesn’t approve of sex out of wedlock. Is there a such thing as a gay virgin? I’ll wait for the answer. Time’s up. I didn’t think so either. Homosexuality is about sex and that’s it. You can love people of the same gender, but CAN’T YOU KEEP YOUR LEGS CLOTHES? I hope no one does to your children what was done to Donnie as child.

This is my conclusion, if all people want to bring their sexual issues to church, you have to accept the following 3 rules and warning.

1. All adulterers, fornicators, masturbators, child molesters and homosexuals will have equal say, without being shut out.
2. All of the issues must be brought up in the Mosques, Temples and Churches everywhere.
3. You must also accept bestiality, because some people say they were born that way. It’s happening in Europe --> http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2005/may/25/broadcasting.radio

Warning - Do not tell God that the religious people said “you can be gay.” Remember religious people don’t have a Heaven or Hell for you.

Posted by: Majic | Oct 30, 2007 9:01:40 PM

Majic: If you're going to post such ridiculousness, at least be original. You have been posting the exact same comment on various gay sites (including on other posts here at G-A-Y).

The only thing we will say about your thoughts is that it's sad that student from a school as rich on diversity as Medgar Evers College would hold such gay-antipathetic views.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Oct 30, 2007 9:38:37 PM

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