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In the ENDA, these 90 groups hope to prevail

by Jeremy Hooper

ENDA-SpleandaSo we told you on Friday how it was seeming increasingly likely that transgender protections were going to be dropped or at least separated from The Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). And before that, we told you how a handful of LGBT groups had, based on the rumor that such was going to happened, banded together in support of keeping the "T"s on board. Well now the outcry to keep gender identity as part of ENDA has reached fever pitch, with a whopping 90+ LGBT organizations today joining forces to protest the Democrats new "T"-dropping strategy:

More than 90 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender organizations tell Congress: Don't leave transgender people behind! [Taskforce]

A development that begs two questions:

(1) What's it going to take for Democratic leaders to understand that the majority of the LGBT community wants to stand together on this, and that we would rather see a short-term failure than to live with the long-term implications of abandoning both a sect of the population and our principles?

(2) Who the hell even knew there WERE 90+ LGBT groups!?

We don't have the answers to either. We do, however, know that if you'd also like to encourage Congress to support the original inclusive ENDA rather than cut off the weight that they feel might make the ship sink, then you can do so at the link.

***UPDATE: Another hour, another ENDA letter [G-A-Y]

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