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McClurkin's: Over one billion revisions served

by Jeremy Hooper

McclurWe thought we were done discussing Donnie McClurkin for a little while. But then we saw these quotes that "former homosexual" and current gay rights foes is said to have made during yesterday's controversial Obama campaign appearance:

"They accuse me of being anti-gay and a bigot," ... "We don't believe in discrimination. We don't believe in hatred, and if you do you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. That's the whole premise of God. That's the whole premise of Christ is love, love, love. But there is a side of Christ that deals in judgment, and all sin is against God."

"Don't call me a bigot or anti-gay, when I have been touched by the same feelings," ... "When I have suffered with the same feelings. Don't call me a homophobe, when I love everybody … Don't tell me that I stand up and I say vile words against the gay community because I don't. I don't speak against the homosexual. I tell you that God delivered me from homosexuality."

But you know, we don't even really know WHAT to say about this. It's the same ol' claims from McClurkin, wherein he acts as if those who are criticizing him for calling homosexuality a curse, declaring war on gays, or accusing gays of trying to kill America's children are pulling those ideas from their arses, and not from his own reported words. How do you even continue to respond to that?! It's like dealing with a child who says "Nu-uh" whenever they're accused of eating the last Oreo, even though you can clearly make out both an "R" and an "EO" combo on the chocolate bits stuck in their teeth. There comes a point when you have to voice your disappointment over their failure to at least be honest about their wrongdoing but vow to move on, as you realize that going back and forth with the revisionist is getting you nowhere.

Of more pressing concern: Why the hell did Barack reward his rhetoric with yet another cookie?

Obama supporter: 'God delivered me from homosexuality' [CNN]

**Oh, and by the way: Obama referred to McClurkin and the other artists that performed as "favorites of Michelle and myself.” We were sold out HARD on this one, kids!

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Your thoughts

i dont really care if he is a homophobe or not. i loved his song yes you can. i first heard it when i was graduating from elementary school. thats not very any years back considering im only a ninth grader as i write this message. people should leave him alone whether or not he is a homophobe. its none of our usiness what he does.

Posted by: beth ryan | Sep 30, 2008 4:11:30 PM

I got two male family member who was molested by their uncle one is gay one is homophobia they were 4-5 years old my heart hurt for the one that is homophobia because he don't want to be gay.homosexlity is a sin. and everybody that got an ounce of sence know it why would got make people to recreate if it is alright for man to be with man and women with women . don't to i'll will have felt cursed if one off my 4 sons would have been gay

Posted by: minnie | Nov 4, 2008 9:02:57 PM

well I guess some of us just don't have an ounce of "sence," Minnie.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Nov 4, 2008 9:08:02 PM

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