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Peter's peculiar obsession: Uniting gays and 'ex-gays' alike

by Jeremy Hooper

 Right Images Labarbera-1Whenever we see Peter LaBarbera conduct one of his graphic "exposes" of the fringe events that he wants to make look as if they're indicative of the gay rights movement as a whole, we always imagine that the vast majority of his "pro-family" team is sort of like, "Dude, Peter -- what the hell?!?" We just can't fathom that those who detest sex outside of marriage (especially of the homo variety) would really want to see things like members of the BDSM community engaging in their personal delights. So that being the case, we always find Pete's snap-happy handiwork to be a quite bizarre and possibly even counterproductive to his "pro-family" cause.

Well in his latest endeavor, Pete attended the Folsom Street Fair and snapped some photos of that particular BDSM event, so that he could decry a situation that what he wants to be perceived as indicative of both San Francisco and gay values. And just as we suspected, at least one on his side of the pro-gay/anti-gay fence has taken umbrage with the tactic. Here's "ex-gay" Randy Thomas' take on Peter's latest photos:

I don't know how a Christian can claim to be doing first hand reporting, of all the lurid details and photos, think that it is appropriate to do so without a single mention of God's grace, available forgiveness and redemption.
So, if you are the Christian who did the on the scene reporting at the Folsom Street Fair and wonder if this post is about you... Yes, it probably is. I would put your name on here but I honestly don't want my readers (all 9 of them ... we are growing) to be able to find your horrible pictures and lurid descriptions without any hope of Christ being offered.

Truth + (Grace x Mercy) = The Gospel. That formula should be the outline of your posts, not the degrading pictures. People may degrade and dehumanize themselves but it isn't our job to exploit or validate that through positive OR negative attention on the flagrantly sexual acts and imagery.

Okay, so clearly we don't agree with Randy's views on gays needing or being able to be "redeemed." However, we wholly agree with his idea that Peter's photos almost look like someone who is trying to scintillate and shock, rather than to inform and educate about his view on Biblical values. None of us from any sexual orientation or walk of life really need "proof" that certain situations happen at events like the Folsom Street Fair. Hell, the fact THAT they happen is what makes the events so popular with certain sets. And yes, those acts disgust some people. That's precisely the reason why they choose not to attend!

This writer detests guns. He finds them a weak way to take another living thing's life, and feels the world would be a better and more righteous place if they all disappeared into the vapor. They conflict with my personal sense of spirituality. However, I realize that many people embrace what I consider to be destructive and dangerous. And I respect that gun shows do and should continue to happen as long as firearms are legal.

I'm also no fan of boobs. While I do think they enhance the way a dress hangs n the female figure, I never knew what to do with them when I had the opportunity. However, judging by the cliched "show me your tits" line that is so popular at events like Mardi Gras, I'm well aware that some are quite into public displays of mammary glands. I don't need any photos, thank you very much.

And in full disclosure: I'm as gay as a goose and defended the Folsom Street Fair's advertising with a fury. However, you would be about as likely to catch my partner or myself attending the event as you would an Anita Bryant reunion concert in Branson, MO. Not because we are passing judgement on the event, but rather because nothing in the event's descriptions fit within or appeal to our practices, desires, or lives. It's just not our thing.

Peter, like all of us, has every right to find BDSM events unsavory, and every right to share his thoughts with his audience. But he needs to understand what such does for his reputation. While he clearly thinks that some in the gay community makes fun of him and call him "Porno Pete" because they simply want to smear him, he needs to see that he gets this sort of treatment because his photojournalistic research is just plain bizarre. He doesn't do as others in his movement and go to these events to street preach or "share the gospel." Instead, he just sort of lurks and then later posts his findings amidst faux shock. We just don't get it! Even those of us who live and breathe gay activism cannot fathom getting on a plane, leaving our families, and spoiling our weekend so that we can have a few photos of anti-gay marriage proponents verbally whipping the gay community and perverting the idea of "normalcy." And if we were to capture such photos, you best believe they would only be the basis of a strong intellectual condemnation of the action, not merely a terse "CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW SHOCKING THIS IS?!?!" sort of write up.

We know we're going to find guns at the gun show, boobs at Mardi Gras, and leather and porn at Folsom. And in any of these cases, there are going to be some who possibly take it to the next level (illegal firearms, public hetero sex at Mardis, public gay sex at Folsom). Peter and his followers already know what they dislike and where such occurs. Why does Peter need to document two men sneaking off and having oral sex in order to make his point? After all, his is a movement that is usually quite fond making up and misconstruing what they don't know when it comes to actual bias of seriousness like hate crimes legislation and gay life spans. Why the need for a contact sheet of leather daddies when it comes to certain fringe event?

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Your thoughts

"But he needs to understand what such does for his reputation."

You're kidding right? What he did is his reputation the only people left who respect this man are the folks at CWA like Matt Barber.

Posted by: Alonzo | Oct 5, 2007 3:36:51 PM

Exactly, Alonzo. He doesn't even have the respect of the more mainstream elements of his movement because of how he's conducting his efforts.

Posted by: G-A-Y | Oct 5, 2007 3:59:56 PM

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