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by Jeremy Hooper

Tired MapleYou know that song about needing a little Christmas, wherein the choral voices express their deep desire for some rapid yuletide spirit? Well that's how this writer currently feels about fall. It's been so unseasonably warm in NYC this early autumn that my usual October past time of gorging myself on pumpkin anything has so far this year seemed misguided. And the fact that the high temperatures have led some locals to extend their sandal wearing this far into the post-Labor Day months has given me a mutant strain of Seasonal Affective Disorder that only a warm apple cider can cure.

So here's the deal, dudes, ladies, and everything in between: I'm fleeing my usual post on this Friday so that I can spend a long weekend foliage-peeping in Vermont. That being the case, there will be no regular updates today. But don't you fret, kiddies, as regular updates (and hopefully my affection for pumpkin gnocchi) will resume Monday AM.

In the meantime, feel free to catch up on what you might've missed: This Week in G-A-Y

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Welcome to the Green Mountain State! Enjoy your visit up here. If you get the chance, Stowe has some of the best foliage for leaf-peeping, and there's a Gondola you can ride to see the sights from above. Hope you and your hubby enjoy our state!

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