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Quacks like a 'duct'

by Jeremy Hooper

Oh how our opposition loves to use a picture of duct tape over a person's mouth in order to convey the idea that gays and liberals are trying to silence them. We've already seen such a visual shorthand used to decry various gay rights measures on several occasions. Now, One News Now has added another to the repertoire, this one involving ENDA:

Picture 2-100

Our only question: Why do these kids never show the other part of this image, the likes of which actually makes the concept apropos to workplace non-discrimination. Here, we just so happen to have it for you:


You see -- much clearer. Without it, it just seems like a silly lady who felt like taping her mouth to make herself seem like a victim.

TVC: ENDA would force Christians to 'kowtow' to homosexual, transgendered employees [ONN]

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