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They're scared of two mummies; how frightening can they be, really?

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 8-63AAAAAAAAH!!! Run for the ability to live your lives openly! Just in time for Halloween, the boys at Queerty have profiled "The 20 Most Frightful Anti-Gay Activists." Go have a look at part one, in which the first ten are profiled:

The 20 Most Frightful Anti-Gay Activists [Queerty]

We'll have to wait and see who they choose for the other ten. But our prediction for number one? The frighteningly gay-unfriendly vision of God that the religious right insists created the world to be a homo sex-less place. This version of the man upstairs might be nothing more than a figment created by the vicious game of anti-gay telephone that has been bastardizing Biblical translations and misrepresenting Biblical condemnations for years (all while overlooking other "condemnations" on things that are commonplace to heterosexual Christians). However, so was the bogeyman that our older brothers used to use to scare us. So we'll deal with this new spiritual bogeyman in the same way that we dealt with our childhood one: We'll sleep with the closet doors proudly open, with a vow to never let the apparition who's been portrayed by our bullies as such a meanie to rob us of our true lives!

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The editors at Queerty have lots to choose from and It's getting harder and harder to find distinctions between the dismal alliance of homobigoted popes, TV evangelists, Phelps, Slavic christians, jihadists, anglican archbishops and 'real' fascists.

With the example of US armed and led Sunni and Shiite jihadists chasing down and butchering gays and lesbians in Iraq and the Iranian mullahs hanging boys by the dozen, they're becoming emboldened with the idea of punishing us like they did in the good old days.

From the Dark Ages until well into the 19th century, the world watched in horror as the awful meaning of the word ‘faggot’ was seared into peoples minds. One of the roman cult’s holiest observances is the Auto Da Fe (Portugese - Act of the Faith). A calculated mix of pomp, solemnity, and edifying terror, it combines superstition with an early taste of hell. The ceremony began with a procession of victims, and sermonizing about their evil ways. To focus the attention of the faithful the victim’s faces were scorched. Then more torture and sermons and it finally ended when the victims were burned alive.

Attendance was compulsory. During these gruesome rituals GLBT folk were murdered, because our lives were ‘sinful and offensive’. So were Jews, ‘witches’, i.e., midwives, heretics, rationalists, and the occasional family unlucky enough and rich enough to attract the notice of Inquisitors.

In the light of burning faggots people clearly saw a brutal warning; think long and hard before testing the patience of Holy Mother the Church, Inc. These ruthless lessons were provided by cults drenched, then as now, in scandal and corruption.

The last 'official' Auto da Fe occurred in Mexico a few years after the Mexican American war. Brutal torture-murder-lynchings like those of Gwen Arujo and Matthew Shepard occur at the rate of about twenty a year and are direct descendents of the Auto da Fe.

Posted by: Bill Perdue | Oct 15, 2007 11:46:15 PM

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