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Video: Dr O'Malley prescribes respect

by Jeremy Hooper

This is a new GLAAD video in support of National Coming Out Day (10/11):

TR Knight: National Coming Out Day PSA

Right on. And it's nice to hear T.R. get to have a moment to share his thoughts without his words and actions being summed up in a slightly whiny voiceover that ties in his story to yet another tedious installment of the Meredith & McDreamy "are they friends who have sex or are they a bona fide couple?" relationship drama. Seriously, does anyone really care at this point whether those two will get to see each other every day and flirt incessantly, or if they'll get see each other every day and flirt incessantly (with wedding rings on their fingers)? Call us cynical, but that whole plot line seems to have jumped the shark many Addisons ago.

Wait, where were we? Oh yea, National Coming Out Day. Gays: Come out if you can. Straights: Love them when they do!

Be an ally & a friend [GLAAD]

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