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Video: High decibel levels don't equal truth

by Jeremy Hooper

On several occasions this week, we have told you about the social conservative speakers and groups who are lashing out against Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for "daring" to approve measures that encourage non-discrimination of LGBT kids in California's public schools. Well, here is one layman who has internalized the far-right's misinformation, added in the belief that screaming increases a person's credibility, fired up his video camera, and recorded his extremist world view as a way to show us why, exactly, such protections are still needed in this world. Enjoy:

Helping to get gay kids to their graduation day with nary an ass-kicking. Allowing two tax-paying individuals to enter into the same legal bonds as their hetero peers. Protecting gays from hate crimes. If these are the sorts of things that anger "the conservative voice" (as this man is identified on YouTube), then it's no wonder they have to rasie that voice to such heightened levels. Just like the kid who couldn't make friends with his personality had to resort to intimidation to get through his day, those who do not have reason or fairness on their side must resort to their own bully tactics in order to garner any sort of attention.

But dude, we're genuinely sorry our radical idea that we deserve to be treated as humans angers you so much. Maybe you should try yoga?


**For ACTUAL information regarding this legislation and what it does and does not do, check out Equality California. And shockingly, despite the fact they still have to fight for basic protections and simple matters of fairness -- they're not screaming over on their site!

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Your thoughts

EQCA and Senator Kuehl have set back equality in California with this bill. Its a good idea, but horribly executed. Problem is the Capitol Resource Institute and Campaign for Children and Families may have a winning wedge issue against us.

The moral conservatives are trying to use the issue that we're polluting the brains of five year olds and that any boy who feels like he is a girl can enter the girls locker room or restroom at whim. And that is why they are angry.

I think we need to be tactful with how we deal with children and public education. Maybe we need captivating advertisements to show that this legislation is necessary and vital for the people in our state.

conservative queer republican in southern california

Posted by: Matt from California | Oct 19, 2007 3:21:06 AM

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