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Video: Loggin' Mitt's past

by Jeremy Hooper

Fearing the thought of a Mitt Romney presidency: An issue that unites gay liberals and gay conservatives alike.

Why do we say that? Well, just look at this latest ad from the the Log Cabin Republicans, in which those GOP gays use Mitt's own past words to combat his current attempts to come across as an old school social conservative:

Now, personally we like the old Mitt much better than the dude who's been opportunistically lashing out against those same "Massachusetts values" for the past few years. But seeing as how his flip-floppy ways and raging homophobia have prevented us from ever respecting him as a leader, we're all for doing whatever it takes to keep him out of 1600 Pennsylvania. If that's making him look too "aborto-sodom-friendly" in the eyes of the far right, then so be it!

Log Cabin Launches National TV Ad Campaign [Blog Cabin]

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Romney, whose campaign is largely self financed, is slimier than Bush because he's willing to do a 180 degree turn on any question to get his way. Bush is too dumb to think of that maneuver. For his Loghead critics, scurrying to be relevant to the GLBT communities and a party run by misanthropic bigots, this is just another exercise in futility from this marginalized and pathetic gathering of quislings.

Unless something truly astonishing occurs Republicans’ are going to lose big next year. There are two reasons they’re in trouble; George Bush and George Bush. They’re clearly losing their attempted oil piracy in Iraq so they’ve cooked up scheme to widen it to include Iran. Nixon made the same fatal mistake when he invaded Cambodia. He killed 800,000 civilians, enraged the American people, and lost control of US troops.

On the home front Bush bashes the health care of babies and children and threatens to veto any law even remotely supportive of equality. Republicans are squirming to distance themselves and to make matters worse their old standby - gay bashing - has lost some of its punch.

As Der Gubernator recently said, “In movie terms, we are dying at the box office.” Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (R), quoted by the Los Angeles Times, on the state of the Republican Party.

The only thing Republicans have going for them is the Democrats’ deceit. They promised to end the war but instead they fund it and support broadening it. They’re funding permanent bases including an immense colonial fortress in the Green Zone and a huge USAF base at Balad. They voted with Republicans to order the Iraqis to divide their country and to turn over its oil assets to American companies. They’re for an attack on Iran. They tried (hopefully unsuccessfully) to gut ENDA. They’ve done little or nothing to help union workers or the elderly. Their feeble minimum wage law is a slap in the face.

They’re the best and only chance the Republicans have for winning.

Posted by: Bill Perdue | Oct 5, 2007 5:33:45 PM

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