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Video: She speaks in tongues; we respond with tongue in cheek

by Jeremy Hooper

This lady has the right idea, in that she wants gays to come out. However, her reasons for busting the closet door down are less along the lines of "so you can live the truth that has always been within you" and more along the lines of "so you won't piss off the narrow-minded version of God that anti-gay Christians continue to foster." Enjoy:

Wow, we gays are infested with the "retardation spirit"? So what book of the Bible is that in, Offensive Terminology for Mental Disabilities (Chapter: Ignore The Fact That Gays Are Typically So Clever, Informed, and Creative; Verse: It's Much Easier To Hijack The Moral High Ground If You Defame The Mental Facilities of Those Who See The World Differently From Yourself)? We must have missed that section. All our Bible contains is a handful of "clobber passages" that the anti-gay set have painted to be lock-solid gay condemnations, even though their loose wording, context, and placement near other oft-ignored "condemnations" makes them very much open for interpretation. And not a one of them speaks of any "retardation spirit," or gives others the right to condemn the character of gay people in the myopic ways that are so popular in modern churches.

But what do we know? It's a conservative Christian world; we just get persecuted within it.

Apostle Delphine Thomas On Homosexuality [YouTube]

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I grew up in a church like this one. My husband grew up in a similar church to this one. Now our mothers have been wondering why we haven't been going to church anymore... *cringes*

Posted by: Rebecca | Oct 1, 2007 4:47:22 PM

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