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Video: These are random people? Really?

by Jeremy Hooper

This video was put together by The Noble Room, which is a youth-focused church group that meets in California. Ostensibly, it is just random people they picked up off the street and asked about homosexuality. However, we have our doubts. Watch and we'll get back to you:

Alright, so there's one dude in particular who we have a hard time believing they just stumbled upon while trying to get random opinions. That would be the dude in the black shirt and sideways cap who seems extremely well versed in "pro-family" speak. In fact, around the 4:12 mark he quotes an wildly inaccurate survey from professional "ex-gay" Sy Rogers as if it's fact. But Sy Rogers (who is in now way a researcher or scientist) is an obscure name even amongst those of us who deal with gay rights on a daily basis. We're supposed to believe that while trolling the streets to make their video, the folks with the Christian group stumbled upon a young man in hip hop gear (if you look at his Myspace page, he identifies as a Christian hip-hop artist) who happens to know off the top of his head an obscure (and ridiculous) survey that was conducted by a very obscure man? Seems fishy.

It may seem like no big deal that this Christian group would pad their interviews with some Christian "ringers." However, if you look at this posting on the organization's Myspace blog, you might see why we see it as an issue (highlighting our own):

The Noble Room on Sunday was incredible! To be perfectly honest with you, I was a bit nervous about this topic. Mainly because of the intensity of the debate right now and the horrible job Christians in general have handled it historically. I was curious to see how people would respond. I was pleasantly surprised.
The interview video asking random people on Melrose in the heart of Los Angeles their opinions on issues surrounding the homosexual debate perfectly represented the most popular opinions on the issue.

Ya see, they are showing this same video to young adults, convincing them that these are "the most popular opinions on the issue." If they are cherry picking the opinions to make gay acceptance look unpopular, then yes, we have a major problem with that (and so should your followers)!

Questions on Homosexuality in Hollywood [YouTube]

**As for the molestation claims supposedly supported by Sy Rogers' research: The young man seems to be referring to this stat that was published by Rogers back in the 90's:

... in Singapore, of my homosexually oriented clients in 1991, 83% of the men and almost 70% of the women reported being victims of sexual abuse or molest, before the age of 12.

It should be noted that (a) the "evidence" is purely anecdotal, and (b) the clients in question were in Mr. Rogers presence in the first place because they were seeking to "change" their homosexuality. There is no way of knowing why or how they were recruited in the first place.

From our experience, those who try and "change" their sexual orientation do tend to report higher rates of abuse and childhood issues. In fact, this sort of abuse is what seems to be the sort of thing with which these people really need help dealing, with their sexual orientation being opportunistically scapegoated as the thing that they need to change.

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Your thoughts

This video is a piece of filth. It is christian propaganda at it's worst. Booooo!

Posted by: Rev. Mark J. Seydel | Oct 11, 2007 5:07:15 PM

Believe it or not, I did randomly find this guy D.J. on the street. We did not "cherry pick" any participant. I do wish we could have had a wider variety of opinions, most people wouldn't talk. The statement I made about the video "perfectly" representing the popular opinions on the issue was not intended to persuade people that one opinion is more popular or widely accepted than others. But I can see how you would have thought that. The goal of the video was to represent a variety of opinions and not draw conclusions on which are more popular.

I'll be honest, we did really like D.J.'s interview. I wish we could have interviewed someone like yourself to hear your thoughts and answers to the questions. The goal of the Noble Room is to represent both sides of the issue.

Thanks for your comments - Jesse

Posted by: Jesse Ross | Oct 11, 2007 7:49:22 PM

Jesse, with all due respect bubba, you are so full of sh*t I can smell you all the way down in South Florida. That video was most certainly NOT of "random people".

Do you really think we are that stupid?

And your claiming that you didn't intend to persuade people by saying that D.J.'s "unscripted" interview "perfectly" popular opinion is so laughable as to be insulting. You went on to gloat that his was not only the prevailing opinion but how surprised you were that this opinion prevailed in "Melrose in the heart of Los Angeles". You are clearly ecstatic with the anti-gay response so why would we think that you REALLY looked for a differing opinion. You had an agenda; you persued it exclusively, you got exactly what you wanted and went looking for, you clearly made no attempt to find an opposing view, you edited it, canned it and presented it with glee.

To add further insult, you have the audacity to come here and claim that you couldn't find anyone to speak on the "other side" of the issue. In LOS ANGELES? Are you really expecting us to believe that.

You are no different than Robertson, Dobson, Perkins, LaBarbara and the rest of the Hee Haw gang in your willingness to lie and deceive in the name of Jesus. The end justifies the means right?

Save the faux kindness and compassion for people who can't see through it. We've seen your modus operendi too many times to not know exactly how it works.

You think we don't know you? You think some of us didn't used to BE you? What are you hiding there Jesse?

Today is National Coming Out Day.

Take advantage of it!

Posted by: Zeke | Oct 11, 2007 11:11:06 PM

Uh, this video was filmed on a corner one block from my house. (Hey, there's Floyd's Barber Shop!)

There is no way anyone on Melrose is wearing a "Hollywood" T-shirt unless they are visiting from somewhere far, far away.

Melrose is in the center of Gay-land for Los Angeles. Just past Floyd's Barber shop is "the gig" where I am certain many a satanic cult band has performed.

There's no way you could find that many people on Melrose who not only are so ignorant on gay topics, but actually aren't gay.

Go South one block and interview all the Orthodox Jews, they're probably more gay friendly than this bunch.

Posted by: jim | Oct 12, 2007 7:11:58 PM

That video is as unscripted as Laguna Beach.

Posted by: Shnugi | Oct 14, 2007 3:57:46 PM

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