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Video: Those who sing a looney tune

by Jeremy Hooper

Animated political cartoonist Mark Fiore takes on the "rainbow of possiblity" that exists along "the anti-gay continuum." Check it out:

Cute. But let's not forget about the "Bizarrely ObsessedoSexuals," a group to which the vast majority of supposedly gay-unfriendly Americans now seem to be a part. Seriously, at this point it seems like it's the various groups of anti-gays who are constantly screaming, "They're Here, They're Queer," with the out and proud gays being the ones who are like, "We don't really care anymore whether you're 'used to it' or not; we just want you to shut the f**k up about our lives and stop mucking with our rights and liberties!" We just want to be "Left Aloneosexuals," while they just want to to keep talking about that which they supposedly can barely stomach. It's odd, really.

Mark Fiore's Animated Cartoon Site [MarkFiore.com]

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