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All the news that's fit to queerify

by Jeremy Hooper

Bellcour-1After 2+ years of short news breaks during commercials, the Logo network has announced that it's giving Jason Bellini and company a full half-hour a week to explore the gay headlines. The expanded version of "CBS News On Logo" will air every Monday at 7:00 PM ET/PT beginning next week:

First-Ever Half-Hour Gay Network News Show to Launch on Logo November 12 [Logo Release]

This new development will surely come as a shock to those myopic gays who thought "Access Hollywood," "Entertainment Tonight," or "The Insider" already gave them "gay news" during that time slot. But contrary to some short-sighted queer belief, there is more going on in the gay world than Britney's parental fitness, the latest Hollywood hookup, or whatever bit of PR-crafted junk news that those aforementioned programs force feed the masses on any given night. True, the latest on ENDA might not be as mindlessly stimulating as finding out how, exactly, Eva Longoria keeps her skin looking so firm and youthful. But then again, apathy in regards to that actress' epidermis is unlikely to keep gays with second-class citizen status. The same cannot be said for the actual queer matters at hand.

So give "CBS News on Logo" a chance starting next Monday. The mindless fluff that keeps you sane will still be there Tuesday-Sunday.

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