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And now for our obligatory annual 'Out' post

by Jeremy Hooper

Out magazine has revealed the cover image and complete list from their annual "Out 100" smorgasbord of queer and queer-friendly honorees. Check it out at the mag's website:

Out 10007

And 3 out of 5 on the cover are actually gay! That's something.

As for Closeted magazine's annual "The Men & Women who Could Have Made A Difference In 2007 But Chose To Hide" roundup that comes out in the cold recesses of our overactive imagination every year around this time: This year's honorees will include such notables as "that politician who actually could've helped his case had he just admitted what was really going on in that bathroom and challenged the methods rather than the gay charges"; "that actor who's been the answer to countless blind items, yet who has refused to help put a case on gay normalcy"; and "that 'family values' preacher who is actually speaking to his own heart and mind when he condemns gay lives and loves."

Look for Out on newsstands in the coming days; look for Closeted wherever ridiculous, made up periodicals are sold.

Out 100 [Out mag]

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