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Audio: Anti-gays really need a new script

by Jeremy Hooper

A new group calling themselves the National Organization For Marriage is running the following radio ad in New Jersey:

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Now, obviously it's a disgusting form of child exploitation from the crew who claims to be so interested in protecting the younger set's well-being. That goes without saying. But here's what we find really funny. On their website, this national organization calls the ad "groundbreaking" and "hard-hitting." However, unfortunately for them, we pay meticulous attention to the ground that's already been broken. And the blow from this "hard hit" is somewhat softened, as we remember getting punched by this 2006 ad from the Wisconsin anti-gay campaign:

Yes, this "groundbreaking" as is an almost verbatim recitation of an earlier gay-demonizing TV spot. But then again, neither accurate representation of gay's desires nor creativity have ever really been their strong suits.

**UPDATE1: There is another ad, too. It uses the same meme, but the final message is different and more sweeping:

powered by ODEO

**UPDATE 2: Blue Jersey's Juan Melli has an excellent rundown of the situationas it currently stands.

**UPDATE, 11/30: We've recorded our own!

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Your thoughts

Wow, almost makes me wish I had a mom and a dad, and I HAVE a mom and a dad.

BTW, Maggie Gallagher-President of NOM, doesn't divorce also "intentionally" deprive children of a mother or a father?

And also, doesn't divorce, as opposed to SSM of itself, automatically do so?

And also too, doesn't divorce, as opposed to SSM parenthood, also automatically rob children of a second parent?

Just one more question Maggie, how much did you get for your soul?

Posted by: Emproph | Nov 29, 2007 12:49:01 PM

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