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Audio: Even we don't say 'gay' this much!

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 1-124We often laugh about how frequently our opposition's thoughts turn to gay issues. But this exchange between Bill O'Reilly and radio host Steve Malzberg is just RIDICULOUS:

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Alright, so obviously the idea that gay activists only want to protect ONLY gay kids is a complete lie, so we're not even going to dignify the childish red herring. And we're also not going to dignify logic like the comparison between introducing Jesus into schools and introducing gay acceptance and non-harassment. If you can't see the difference between religious-based teachings and humanity-based non-discrimination, then nothing we say is going to speak to you anyway. What we will address however, is the INSANE preoccupation Mr. Malzberg seems to have with LGBT issues! Even though Bill O'Reilly is never one to shy away from gay discussion (despite his protestations to the contrary), even he seems uncomfortable with the myopic reduction of his work to ONLY gay kids and the so-called "gay agenda." That's likely because Steve comes across in this segment as if he has a rare gay-focused form of Tourette's!

Then Steve further demonstrated his inability to understand the queer issues of which he is so fond when he had this exchange with a post-segment caller:

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They've found genes for almost everything you can imagine?!? Including HETEROSEXUALITY, Steve?! Because you know, that gene hasn't been found either. Yet despite that lack of scientific discovery, one DOES NOT typically assume that straightness is a choice! And despite your claims of heterosexuality being "the norm," you can see throughout history that....

...wait a minute, you know what? No, we're not gonna do this! Just like most every one of his other gay arguments, this unbelievably one-sided, unscientific, biased, heterosexist rationale does not even deserve the benefit of address. So we'll instead just ask Mr. Malzberg to open his eyes, ears, and mind to the reality of the whole world, rather than the myopic one that the far right wants.

Malzberg podcast [WOR]

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Your thoughts

But he hasn't shown a heterosexual orientation to be normal...only to be in the majority. Moreover, sometimes a minority is not only normal but absolutely necessary.

As a physical example, a simple transistor is made almost entirely of plain silicon, the majority material. However, a transistor cannot be formed without the addition of trace amounts of dopants like boron or arsenic.
This is what's not only normal, but mandatory in a transistor.

I think gay people are kind of like the dopants - the leaders and definers for the rest of society.

Posted by: dave b | Nov 29, 2007 2:57:56 PM

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