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BREAKING: Liberal, gay donor gives to liberal, gay causes!

by Jeremy Hooper

This from the Family Research Council's "Washington Update" column (which is purportedly written by Tony Perkins himself):

Picture 2-102

Wow, you're saying that Tim Gill, the most famous monied, politically motivated gay liberal in the nation, is helping to finance pro-gay, pro-Democratici campaigns?! What next, FRC -- the shocking revelation that Sally and Suzy Lesbian aren't part of the familial realm that your council "researches"? Or maybe you have some shocking "we're no fans of 'The L Word'" confessions that you kids want to let out? Come on, FRC -- blow our minds further! We can take it.

Oh, and as for feeling sorry for your side's inadequacies in terms of turnout and financing, FRC: Well, maybe when the reported revenues of Focus on the Family (the founder of FRC) drop out of the NINE FIGURES range, we'll express some concern regarding the evangelical community's cries of poverty! And maybe when you kids lose the considerable network of evangelical communities and churches that you daily tap into and convince to monolithically oppose gays and liberals, we'll shed a tear for your side's inefficacy in getting your side to the polls! Until then, however, our rag tag side of roustabouts is going to give thanks for the fact that we have someone like Tim Gill who has chosen to chosen to use his money to help level the playing field for queer equality fighters!

Gill Banks on Local Success (3rd item) [FRC]

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