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David Phillips: Getting more gay ink than a submissive squid

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 5-88You might've thought hat David Phillips had met his quota for bizarre gay-themed headlines when he claimed earlier this month that he' had sex with Larry Craig twenty years prior to the Senator's latest scandal. However, he's back in the strange gay news again, this time because he is fighting with his home state of Virginia to keep a debatably gay-insensitive Aussie slang term on his license plate.

The situation: Phillips has reportedly had the word "POOFTER" as his car's vanity plate for the past 11 years, claiming he relates to the term. But due to an apparent citizen complaint, the state is now coming down on Phillips and demanding that he return his tags for ones that are not deemed "socially, racially or ethnically offensive or disparaging." Phillips is refusing to do so, and thus a bizarre gay-themed story is born. Read more at links:

State to yank plates from man who claimed sex with Larry Craig [P1Q]
A Vehicle for Self-Expression? Not on These Roads. [WaPo]

We don't see the big deal with his vanity plate, and have very few thoughts to add to this story. But then again, maybe we're just saving our words for when he's back in the news because of his claim that he slept with the gunman on the grassy knoll.

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Here's another fun one from the Castro:

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