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No mo' 'homo,' cries eye net legal eagle

by Jeremy Hooper

Would you be annoyed if a prominent conservative Republican figure used the word "homo" as the punch line to a joke that was then printed in a local newspaper? Yea, so would we. And so, too, would CBS News legal analyst Andrew Cohen, who details that exact experience in a new post on CBS News' "Couric & Co." blog:

Dropping The H-Bomb In Print [Couric & Co.]

After all, considering that the jokester in question, Mort Marks, is a staunch GOP fundraiser who has has donated to the campaigns of such anti-gay politicians as FMA sponsor Wayne Allard, we don't think it's likely he used "homo" because he's just so familiar with the gays that he feels comfortable reclaiming and diffusing the term. Hell, that'd be sort of like us saying we call Bush a complete and utter failure as a leader because we have insider knowledge that the prez is in need of negative performance reviews in order to sustain his existence.

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