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O'Reilly: I wanna be the only 'O-apostrophe' spinning on national TV!

by Jeremy Hooper

Picture 1-117It's no secret that celesbian Rosie O'Donnell gets criticized for her outspoken liberal views. And that's fine -- O'Donnell would be the first to say that people are totally allowed to do so. We all have the freedom to express our own political opinions, and those who disagree with the way Rosie sees the world can and should make their voices heard. However, when the person doing the criticizing is Bill O'Reilly and the chief criticism is that a cable news network was considering Ms. O'Donnell to host her own punditry fest, you have to wonder if Pot O'Reilly called Kettle O'Donnell on her cell or her land line to tell her that she's "black."

"What are we to make of the fact that NBC News wanted to hire Rosie O’Donnell as a show host? Was Hugo Chavez not available?" That is the opening line of this, an attack on Rosie's "extremist" and "polarizing" views by a man who has stealthy turned such into an art form:

Opinion: NBC at it again with O'Donnell recruiting

Why would a cable news network want to give voice to a person who routinely espouses wildly inaccurate views? Well, you can ask them in your next contract negotiation, Mr. O!

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