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Romney & Huckabee: The who's more 'holy' war

by Jeremy Hooper

Mitt RomenyAt a speech yesterday in Colorado, GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney claimed that he was the only one of the top four leading Republican candidates "in favor of a federal amendment to the constitution to limit marriage to the relationship between a man and a woman." In a reply this morning, we say:

"It's funny that you say that as if it's a good thing, Mitt. Usually when we talk about bass ackwards stances that will tarnish our legacies for future generations, we take a more downtrodden tone. Guess we're just more sensitive to the threat of history books that will outlive us all than you are."

But hey, we all have different priorities in life.

Mike HuckabeeThough we're not the only one who find fault with Mitt's statement. His words have slightly ticked off Mike Huckabee's campaign, since it showed that Mitt doesn't consider Mike, a fellow ban supporter, to be among the top four hopefuls. We, in turn, say to Mike:

"Dude, why don't you take the sort of principled stands that would make you deserved of being a top tier candidate? Look at the Constitution, look at the reality of the world around you, look at the definition of fairness. Do you really think it's acceptable to reconcile those with the gay-hostile views that have sullied the Republican party for far too long? It's not about saying the sorts of things that will help you earn a certain community's vote with which you should be concerned. You also shouldn't focus on using your personal faith views to define acceptability or limit the rights of tax-paying citizens. You should consider what it means to be a leader of ALL the people in the land that we ALL call America. Then you, as a human being rather than a "Republican" or "conservative" or "person of faith," could focus on uniting a nation that is truly fed up with divisive, polarizing partisan political games."

We will not hold our breath for either candidate to take our comments to heart.

Romney sets himself apart in opposition to gay marriage [Rocky Mountain News]

**SEE ALSO: Wonkette's take on Romney's queer detestation.

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Poor Mitt. He did EVERYTHING conceivable, short of tripping gay couples going down the isle, to stop gay marriage in Massachusetts.

Posted by: Franc | Nov 2, 2007 5:46:40 PM

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