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Surgeon General Warning: Bush may play games at recess

by Jeremy Hooper

 Pr News Archives 2003 Dec2003 03-12 Holsinger Health Services-1The prolific and well-researched Jim Burroway has tipped us off to a rumor that the lame and ill-researched dude who's been living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave for what seems like decades plans to appoint controversial, gay-unfriendly Surgeon General nominee James Holsinger once Congress breaks for the holidays. Check out more over at Jim's Box Turtle Bulletin site:

James Holsinger Preparing for Recess Appointment? [BTB]

You might remember that Holsinger came under intense scrutiny this summer when his past anti-gay/pro-"ex-gay" views came to light. Thus the reason why the rumor of a shifty tactic being employed in order to get him into the job comes as such a surprise, as we thought if there was one thing both Bush and Holsinger shared, it's a public distaste for "backdoor activities." But apparently such is acceptable as long as it's two dudes jointly and unapologetically giving gay acceptance the shaft, as opposed to two dudes jointly and lovingly giving each other pleasure.

**UPDATE, 11/15: Dems Reportedly May Use Tactic To Thwart Bush Recess Appointment [365Gay]

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