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Video: Checking in with the fly-over staters

by Jeremy Hooper

According to YouTube, this charming little video has been up since September. However, thanks a post by the fine folks over at Oh La La blog, we're just discovering it today. Enjoy:


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Your thoughts

Posted this on my blog earlier today after I got it off of datalounge.com

Very interesting vid, particularly the ending where the girls says "And remember, homosexuality is a choice, like cancer."

Posted by: Tony P | Nov 30, 2007 7:12:47 PM

"Interesting" is a good word for it, Tony P. I could've done without some of the stereotyping and I really didn't like the "homosexuality is a choice, like cancer" line. I've heard it before and I always have the same reaction:

"Are you saying homosexuality is like cancer? Because I really don't feel like I have a disease."

I've always thought hair colour was a better analogy. Like, you're born with a particular hair colour and generally, you have it for life. Sometimes it fluctuates a little on its own as you grow up but eventually it figures out where it belongs and stays there. If you've got brown hair, you've got brown hair. You can dye it blonde all you want - you've still got brown hair naturally. Even if you dye it blonde and convince the world that it's your real hair colour - you've STILL got brown hair underneath.

I dunno, seems like a good metaphor for sexuality and being in the closet to me.

Posted by: Sarah | Nov 30, 2007 10:24:34 PM

PS: I forgot to add that in spite of my nitpicks, the video's trying to make a point and it makes it well. Far be it for me to niggle at the little things when they're on our side!

Oh, and the coming-out scenario was SO familiar. . .

Posted by: Sarah | Nov 30, 2007 10:26:17 PM

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